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Feb 12, 2009 02:53 PM

Cocktails Using Tea

I promised a friend that I would find some interesting cocktails using tea as an ingredient, but have been unsuccessful so far. Does anyone know of any worth drinking?
Pretty much any spirit is acceptable, but bourbon or whiskey would probably be preferred.

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  1. Pegu Club in New York serves a delicious Earl Grey MarTEAni. Here's the recipe: Here's a modified version using brewed tea instead of making an infusion:

    1. I have been making a hot drink with English Breakfast tea and Hangar One Pear vodka. It has a warm, mulled spice flavor that goes well with the black tea backbone. It is a nice change from coffee drinks with liquor dumped in them.

      1. I have a few recipes written down *somewhere* that involve either jasmine, earl grey or cammomile tea... I;ll dig them out soon and post here

        1. I've had a few cockatils at PDT in NYC and other fine cocktail bars that steep tea, usually earl Grey, in gin, usually beefeater.

          One recipe for Fish House Punch (there are a zillion recipes with that name) calls for tea.

          Fish House Punch

          3 cups of fresh lemon juice
          powdered sugar to taste to sweeten lemon juice
          1 1/2 liters of brandy
          1 liter of peach flavored brandy
          16 oz of light or gold rum
          32 oz club soda
          16 oz of strong tea (optional)

          Add enough sugar to sweeten lemon juice. Pour over large block of ice in punch bowl and stir well. Then add remaining ingredients. Stir well and garnish with sliced canned or fresh peaches. apx 40 servings