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Feb 12, 2009 01:50 PM

Tired of the supermarket bread, anything fresh in Alhambra area?

So I'm tired of the wonders and orowheats in the bread aisle. Any bakeries in Alhambra area with fresh bread of all kinds for sandwiches, baguettes, etc.

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  1. You and me both. Sad to say, but the Pavilions on Fair Oaks in South Pas has a pretty good bakery. They also stock La Brea Bakery goods, which are lovely.

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      I go there sometimes but the bread is baked in the morning and by the time I get to it after work it's just so hard. I used to get half-baked bread at certain stores but can't find a place that does that.

    2. You can always give one of the Vietnemese restaurants a try for some fresh French bread. And there's always Lovebirds.

      1. i love the 3 for $1 bread at saigon bakery. they have great egg rolls too....

        1. Just get a baguette at the Alhambra Banh Mi Che Cali. That's my favorite branch in the chain. Baguette Express has excellent baguettes, but more pricey. That's a little further east though, not in Alhambra.

          1. Baguette City and Mr. Baguette