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Feb 12, 2009 01:40 PM

good quality salt/pepper grinders SEA?

Anyone know of a good salt or pepper grinder available locally that does not cost an arm and a leg? I need one of each right now.

I'm such an idiot for not buying more of those awesome little Peugeot grinders they had on sale at City Kitchens last year for $20. Totally kickass grinder!!

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  1. Sur La Table has a wide assortment of both.

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    1. re: Jane917

      Sur La Table falls into the "arm and a leg" category compared to at least two other local businesses nearby: City Kitchens (mentioned by the OP) and Kitchen Basics (in the sanitary market building)

    2. My wife loves the pre-filled disposable grinders at Costco. They have both salt and pepper. If you are looking for personal use, this may fit the bill.

      1. The Ikea is hard to beat -- $6.99 and the grinder is ceramic. I use two, one for coarse sea salt and one for pepper. Love 'em. Also they have extra matching jars w/ lids that fit the grinding head.

        1. Just break down and get a magnum. It isn't the cheapest, but it's totally worth it.

          1. I love the Peugeot grinders too! I got mine at the Le Creuset Outlet store in the Tulalip Outlet Mall. I don't remember the exact price but know it was less than Sur La Table.

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              Having some store credit, I shelled out for the La Table tariff on a pair of Peugots. I don't regret it.

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                H'mmm lots of good info here. Le Creuset Outlet Store? Perk ! I must go !