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BYOB in downtown manhattan

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  • ejong Feb 12, 2009 01:39 PM
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Does anyone have a recommendation for a foodie and byob experience?

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  1. La Sirene.....Broome St.....charming bistro....no corkage fee


    1. I second the La Sirene recommendation.

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        Just went to La Sirene last night, the food was good and the atmosphere was nice, but super pricey,2 apps, 2 entrees and one dessert with tip for two people the bill was $120. If your goal for a byo is to save money, I don't recommend this place and there are alot better places to spend that kind of money that would include the purchase of wine.

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          On the other hand, at La Sirene if you go for the Prix Fixe @$26.95 from 5 to 7 PM one might reach goal of saving money. http://www.lasirenenyc.com/

      2. The Orchard may still be doing its BYO deal on Sunday nights. http://www.theorchardny.com/

        The food is terrific, though the service leaves something to be desired.

        1. Tartine! on W. 10 I think

          1. Don't forget Kuma Inn.

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              Is Kuma Inn still doing BYO? I read somewhere they got their liquor license

            2. cube 63

              1. Ivo and Lulu on Broome and Varick

                1. Apiary is doing BYO with no corkage on Mondays. They are also offering a 3-course prix-fixe for $35.