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Feb 12, 2009 12:22 PM

Best General Tso's Chicken in Rego Park/Forest Hills Area?

I know it's not authentic chinese food but I sometimes crave some good americanized chinese food. Can anyone recomment a good place in the Rego Park/Forest Hills area that delivers or is accessible via subway?

Any thoughts on East Ocean Palace?

I've tried the places below and just wasn't impressed:
Peking Duck (ehhh)
Dragon King (decent and would probably order from here again)
Tung Shing (awful)
Grand Sichuan II (ehh)

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  1. Try Mr. Tong's.....its across the street from Tung Shing. Its about the best Chinese restaurant in Rego Park.

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      Ditto on Mr Tong's, especially for Shanghaiese and in part, Northern cuisine; Sichuan dishes are not their forte.
      The chef at GS-II has a right idea of ma la, but the quality of food can be uneven and the vegetable selection, quite limited.
      Peking Duck has the vegetables (at least, I was able to get yu choy there), but somehow their food doesn't really taste Chinese, although you can improve on that to some extent if you talk to the hostess who is Cantonese.
      East Ocean Palace is a decent Cantonese seafood place (we went there for the New Year), but their prices are high enough to warrant a cab ride to Flushing.
      I cannot comment on General Tso's Chicken since I have not ordered it in any of those places.