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Feb 12, 2009 12:19 PM

Dutch bakeries in Pasadena area?

I suddenly had a recollection of something I ate many years ago, and set out to find a source: Chocolate sprinkles. Specifically Dutch chocolate sprinkles.

When I was growing up in Pasadena a friend who lived across the street was from Holland. They used to order from a Dutch bakery--back when places like that delivered!--and the one thing I remember CLEARLY was the amazing chocolate sprinkles served on buttered bread. YUM!!

A quick Google search yielded some Dutch bakeries around town, but I wonder if anyone has PERSONAL experience when it comes to buying chocolate sprinkles. It looks like Dutch Oven Bakery on North Lake Ave gets lots of rave reviews in general, but I'd like to hear about those chocolate sprinkles!

I'm in Arcadia, but anywhere in the San Gabriel Valley--or, really, the L.A. area--would be fine.

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  1. You must be referring to hagelslag--besides chocolate there is a pastel-colored version that you eat on sandwiches too. I grew up on the stuff and have seen these in Asian markets, not just Dutch. You might want to try 99 Ranch or Sam's Nutrition Center in Monterey Pk which has Indonesian groceries:

    116 N Garfield Ave
    Monterey Park, CA 91754

    (626) 288-2595

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    1. re: Augusta

      I grew up with hagelslag, and was absolutely stunned to find it at a coupe of asian markets, and a few Med ones as well.
      I always orget which, but there is some Asian market going up either at Garfield or Atlantic that crosses Valley or Mission that would be close to you. I'll have to take a drive out and get a better location for you LOL.
      Fresh salted butter on a dutch rusk and some hagelslag is the ultimate snack!

      1. re: Dutchvanobvious

        yeah, it was (is) popular in many Indonesian households! a remnant of the Dutch colonization of Indonesia, I suppose.

      2. re: Augusta

        Hagelslag, eh? I only knew it as 'Dutch chocolate sprinkles'! :)

        I'm amazed to hear they're available at Asian markets. Thanks for the info on Sam's; I may buzz over there and take a look.

      3. 3 places I know wher to buy at
        1. holland america store on artesia (cerritos area)
        2. dutch store and bakery on mountain in ontario
        3. alpine village store in - off 110 freeway and 405