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Give me some honey!

Tell me what fun things you make with honey! I make baklava, but I want more ideas.

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          1. Take a bath in it - it's great for the skin.

              1. Honey with sauted spinach
                grilled chicken to marinade and baste
                seafood marinade and baste
                BBQ sauce
                with buter
                in batters
                in stir fry sauces especially
                drizzled on fresh fruit and yogurt and fit
                added into fruit sauces
                added onto baked pie crusts and deserts
                Cookies, cakes, cornbread, etc ...

                eat it, drink it, bathe in it ... I can think of a few others ... G rated. There are really endless uses and I love it. I use it in hot chocolate and drinks to sub for sugar... you can use it all the time to sweeten a spicy sauce and make it less ... I could go on and on

                1. What I do with honey is substitute maple syrup whenever possible.

                  1. Breakfast = toast with peanut butter and honey drizzled over.

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                      ohhhh i love peanut butter and honey sandwiches. i eat those a lot:) also peanut butter, banana and honey sandwiches are one of my favorite munchies foods.

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                        The best ... Brioche bread, spread with cream cheese, then banana, then walnuts then a dap of honey then more cream cheese. Butter on the outside and grill. Flatten a little with a heavy pan or whatever you have. MOCK panini ... sprinkle with powdered sugar and dip in warm raspberry sauce!!

                        Or you can add a little nutella to the banana and honey too. Both amazing on a cold day or for a quick lunch.

                        Also ... I have made this for brunch and cut into triangles, served with the warm dip on a plate and surrounded by fresh melon skewers. Always went over well.

                    2. On paninis, grilled ham or turkey with apple, pear slices, walnuts and augula, amazing ...



                      PPJ for kids or adults ...

                      Even simple coleslaw which it is great in

                      1. for soups. Once they are in the bowl drizzle about a 1/2t - to 1t and stir.
                        I do it after to not kill the good stuff in the RAW honey.

                        Butternut squash bisque, roasted sweet potato bisque, Indian spiced lentil & spinach soup, spicy chicken soup (just reg chick soup with garam masala & honey at the end).

                        Almond butter & honey & banana sandwiches, mixed into cream cheese & with almond extract for a toast spread, salad dressing & of course hot tea!
                        And yes, right off the spoon too, billieboy!

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                          roasted squash and green beans with a combo of balsamic and honey, great flavor, even carmelized onions and fennel with honey and balsamic or just honey and butter. Amazing!!

                        2. Fry bread with honey drizzled on top. It's a new addiction around my house.

                          1. I like to use it instead of sugar while home canning....

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                              I have always wondered if that would work...do you adjust your recipes any? Do I need to use a pressure canner, or will a plain old water bath do?

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                                No need to change your canning process if subbing honey for sugar or if using less or more. Just don't change the Ph balance. Keep the ratio of savoury and acids the same. Same with salt. Use less or more as you please. Will be safe.
                                If the recipe you are using calls for a pressure canner, then you have to use that no matter what you sub.

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                                  It does work...I use a water bath canner. Here's how:


                                  Check out my blog for other home canning exploits:


                              2. http://www.honey.com/downloads/hnyilu...

                                I only share this pdf with my bestest honey pals !!!
                                Handy little honey bear recipe file. Enjoy!

                                1. I don't have anything creative, I just wanted to jump in here and show my appreciation of Honey! I ♥ Honey! I'll use it with anything and everything and if it's really good honey, pure honey I enjoy just eating it straight from the jar!

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                                  1. I pour it on ice cream, which is my favorite.

                                    In the summer, I like honey semifreddo

                                    Sometimes I use honey and vinegar in braised collards.

                                    Also, I can't find a better use for it than sticking your thumb in the side of a fluffy biscuit and filling the hole with some honey and eating it.

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                                      baskin robbins makes a honey ice cream called bumble buzz which is pretty good. it has fudge swirls and honey comb in it too:) yummm

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                                        Melt a gallon of a good vanilla bean ice cream, all honey and pecans or I love to add a broken up heath bar ... or you can even add some fresh mint extract with the honey, lots of ideas, re freeze and serve. It is an easy quick way if you don't have an ice cream maker or have the time. And it turns out great.

                                        Honey mint ice cream goes great in between two fresh oatmeal cookies. Crush pistachios and roll the sides with them before freezing. Amazing quick fancy desert. If you don't want to make cookies ... mix all together and refreeze ice cream then scoop into balls and then dip lightly in egg white and then dip in the nuts. It makes the nuts stick well. Back to the freezer. Perfect frozen honey mint ice cream ball covered in pistachio. A great fun desert. A great make ahead desert.

                                    2. Roast some brussel sprouts and drizzle honey, salt and pepper on it. Excellent. Also on grilled fennel and roasted beets.

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                                        Oh yes!!! roasted brussel sprouts with honey. YUM-O :-) (sorry)

                                      2. I like it over plain yogurt or in strawberry smoothies. Drizzle honey on buttered toast or sliced fresh fruit. My favorite baked good with honey is castella cake, which has an incredible mahogany colored soft crust from the honey in the batter. There's a good recipe in Pichet Ong's Sweet Spot. It's a great afternoon snack with tea, because honey complements tea well.

                                        1. I make Baklava Y'all. Blanched and toasted pecans are essential as well as Sourwood Honey. Puts the rest in the shade.

                                          1. Coffee. I almost never drink the stuff but when I do and I need it to be sweetened I have found that honey is a better match for coffee than sugar. Many thanks to my mother for pointing this out to me!

                                            1. Drizzled over fresh figs with blue cheese, and baked. A fun dessert with a sauterne or porto.

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                                                My fave, I do one with gorgonzola, rosemary, and walnuts, baked served over a puree of fresh raspberries and then the fig, A honey and walnut glaze and a sugared raspberry and glazed walnuts. One a prize for that one.

                                                Not trying to brag at all, just mean any figs and blue cheese is great. Make whatever combo you enjoy. Everything is good. It is a match made in heaven. This was just mine. Lots and many of possibilities. Go for it!

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                                                  Honey has quite a range of taste, also. When I'm in Florida, orange blossom honey is predictably dominant. When I'm in Mexico, the source of the "miel" is usually not disclosed, but seems to be a common ingredient in Guanajuato and Michoacan. The "killer bees" have caused honey production in the Yucatan to be reduced to non-export levels. My roots in the American southwest are getting dusty, but Questa honey from New Mexico is close to being one-size-fits-all. I have a large jar of Sourwood honey from the Blue Ridge Mountains, and it has a definite "bite"to it.

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                                                    I actually went to a "honey" tasting party. It was very interesting ... they used all different flavors and types of honey from very pale to rich in color. We tried it in cocktails with champagne, to it on simple crackers, fresh fruits, even in light sauces. Even all the dishes after the tasting was over were made with honey in some way. Just a theme party, but really interesting. The host make up little cards with the type of honey, it flavors and aromas, local sellers and internet and a recipe on the back.
                                                    Not your average party but it was definitely fun and really educational. Some of the guests cook a lot, others just like to eat ... but everyone who came appreciates food.