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Feb 12, 2009 11:37 AM

Maison Cari (Curry House) on Bishop is moving

So two nights ago I was in this restaurant, and Ben the owner told me they would be moving within a couple of months to a new location on St Catherine West, somewhere around the Le Paris bistro and Star of India area, but on the other side of the road I believe. He mentioned something about a fire, so that would put it next to the Diana Bar, I believe. (Oh well...). I won't be sorry to change premises, the old place was getting rather grim, but the food has always been worth enduring most anything for, snow, hale, even bad decor.

They have moved three or four times I think since I first discovered them over 20 years ago. Still my favourite curry in Montreal, wherever they go.

Thanks for all the good threads folks. Bye. Neil M.

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  1. interesting. love Ben. love the food for years too. i agree that the space is getting a bit sad. i cant wait to see where they pop up. if you remember, please let me know. i used to work at the dumpy irish pub across the street and Maison Cari was my solace. thanks for the news neilmcg.

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      Bishop Street, Curry House (Maison de Cari) closed up. Ben said they were moving to St Catherine/Fort St area. $ months later.. nothing! Anyone know what happened... where Ben popped off to? Etc... any news welcome.
      I'll probably never eat curry that well-prepared again in this town :(

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      neilmcg Jun 27, 2009 03:21PM
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      chilipepper Jun 27, 2009

      A regular customer tells me he is having problems with the city getting permits and such, so much so that he may pull up stakes from the Ste Catherine local and try to find another spot.

    2. I miss the cute nephew who worked there for a while. He was a good amendment to poor d├ęcor LOL


      1. It appears Curry House may be moving to Mackay....will dig further.

        1. Yes please chillipepper!

          1. 1236 Mackay is the new address. 2nd floor, kind of hard to find but worth the hike up the stairs. Our classic order there is their beef vindaloo (we always get a friendly warning: 'vindaloo very, very hot'), along with what's in my opinion their best dish; lamb curry (perfectly braised lamb with a gloriously balanced curry) and their savory butter chicken with candied papaya, a version I hadn't tried before but has become a favorite. Rice and naan to balance and Newcastle, of course. We took it 'to go' this time, but the place is definitely brighter, more positive than the Bishop space. Happy to see that was the only change; the recipes & friendly service are intact.

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              Savory butter chicken with candied papaya?!? I'm intrigued. Is it sweet tasting? I don't particularly care for sweet butter chicken.

              1. re: hungryann

                No hungryann, (sorry for the late reply) that's what I like about it. The sauce is not sweet, but savory and the candied papaya gives it depth and complexity in both texture & flavor. If you don't like sweet BC, you should try this one.

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                  Marvellous place! Simply marvellous food.