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Feb 12, 2009 11:35 AM

Breakfast near I85 @ Shallowford Road, Atlanta

I live in Atlanta but need to meet for breakfast a coworker who is staying at a hotel near I85 and Shallowford Road. I have no idea where to go for breakfast up there and a quick online search revealed only waffle house and IHOP; I'd prefer something a bit more local or interesting if possible. Any suggestions? I don't know those neighborhoods at all.

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  1. You're not far off from Buford Highway right there. You mentioned interesting... how interesting are you willing to go?! Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with any breakfast spots around there, but I'd be willing to bet that one of those ethnic places has a good breakfast.

    How early are you meeting? There's always dim sum.

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      I thought about dim sum but it's like 8 am, so perhaps a bit too early. I know many of the Buford highway places but also am not sure about breakfast places over there. Thanks.

    2. There is a Marriot at Century City off of Clairmont that serves breakfast. I have never been but might be a little nicer than waffle house, although I do love the waffle house for what it is.