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Egg and Cheese Sandwich

So I'm looking for a place that does a good (basic) Egg and Cheese sandwich that has parking. This is key.

Any suggestions? My person fav is Jim's Deli, but its not a place a can get to before work.


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  1. Where do you work?

    My favorite bacon, egg and cheese sandwich is from Billy's Coffee Shop on Berkeley Street in the South End. There are meters out front.

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      I work in Woburn, live in Charlestown. Never heard of Billy's. I will try it out.

      1. i double park in front of the appleton bakery in the south end at least once a week to grab a coffee. best egg sammiches ever!

        1. Ah yes, a great breakfast sandwich. I love them...esp as I'm not a pancakes girl.

          Eagle Deli (Cleveland Circle, Brighton)
          Jakes (Malrborough center)
          Zaftigs (Coolidge Corner, Brookline-- but go before 9:30am on weekends)
          Moogie's (Brighton)

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            My first thought was moogies in brighton

          2. Well, I mean you can get a bacon egg and cheese breakfast sub from Alexander's on Main Street in Medford for under $2 (?!) and parking is not exactly a problem...

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              Darwins outside of Harvard Sq in Cambridge makes some nice breakfast sandwiches, but for a weekend, not before work. It takes them a while to make anything...

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                Ditto to Darwin's but the parking is iffy. Their sandwiches are pricey but big, and they use good ingredients. But yeah- not sure about the parking bit.

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                I'm a big fan of the sausage egg and cheese breakfast sub at Alexander's on Main Street in Medford. It's only $2 and freshly made. I also like their bacon egg and cheese breakfast sub.

                Alexander's Convenient Food
                277 Main Street, Medford, MA 02155

              3. My favorite deli in Cincinnati had an egg sandwich that was simply fresh hardboiled eggs sliced thin, stacked high on toast, topped with salt & pepper, mayo, onion, and tomato.

                Sounds so simple, but I haven't found its equal anywhere around here.

                For egg & cheese, my local fave is Good Food Cafe in Cambridge, but parking is on-street only.

                1. I am a HUGE fan of Magnificient Muffin in Teele Sq (Somerville). They make a great egg sandwhich that is fresh and tasty and not dripping in butter or bacon fat like some other boston delis. And they open at 6 on weekdays which is a nice bonus.

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                    I heartily second this recommendation - bonus that it's totally cheap too.

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                      How is the place around the corner from Mag Muffin (that new Brazilian spot next door to the Tibetan place that never seems to last very long)? We are tempted, but never have the time in the mornings to stop in.

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                      Kara - thanks for the Magnificent Muffin post - I would never have found it - always go down Holland Street, never go down Broadway.

                      Stopped in on Saturday - had a fine bacon, egg and cheese on an english muffin - The coffee cake muffin was excellent as well.

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                        mmm love coffee cake muffins..good to know..

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                          20 - if you like coffee cake muffins, you should check out Geoffrey's in Roslindale Square - they have "donut muffins" that could also be called coffee cake - they will heat it up and butter it for you - it's amazing and a great way to start off your coffee, before the brunch plates arrive.

                    3. This may not be basic enough, but both The Cellar in Cambridge and Mike and Patty's in Bay Village do really tasty egg sandwiches.

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                        I love the ones at Crema in Harvard Sq, but to the original poster's point, there's only easy parking if you go early enough (8am the meters are pretty empty.) Excellent home made english muffins.

                        Thanks for the tip on Magnificent Muffins! 6am would be good for me (I tend to be an early bird.)

                        Darwin's on the other side of Harvard Sq (on Cambridge St.) also has meters out front that are free if you're early enough (they start making sandwiches at 7. Yummy, but a bit of a splurge ($4-6 for a sandwich if you avocado and other similar ingredients.)

                        I love the Egg, Ham and Greens sandwich at Hi-Rise but again, possible problematic parking.

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                          Second Magnificent Muffins egg sandwich. It's just great.

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                            From Woburn to Charlestown if you take route 28, you can turn right at the route 60 rotary to hit the magnificent muffin in West Medford (easier for the OP than Teele Sq). (If you do the back roads and come down Grove St, its a left.) You aren't supposed to park in the RiteAid lot, but if you don't do it right in front of the store its fine for a sandwich. Then have the option of 93 or Mystic to Charlestown.

                            I don't know about Charlestown itself. Everett/Chelsea have some options, but traffic on 99 would make that less useful. If you cross the bridge into the North End, Mangia Mangia is pretty convenient and has breakfast sandwiches (possible to double-park if you call your order in). In East Somerville, I think Two Dads on Cross street does some decent breakfast eggs, but not certain about sandwiches. I have found them closed on a weekend, but second hand info says they haven't closed. Pastelaria Vitoria Broadway will do an egg and cheese on Brazilian french style rolls, they have some parking in the back. A couple of the taquerias around there are also open for breakfast (for this I usually hit Montecristo). Cambridge street area in Cambridge adds another option or two with off-street meter lots, but between the BHCC bridge traffic and Cambridge street slowness, Mangia Mangia is much easier.

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                              Wait?!?!?! There is a SECOND magnificient muffin?! No way!

                      2. I love the ones at Blunch in the south end, the egg is fluffy and never dry.

                        1. A great Chowhound topic. I want to make that sliced hardboiled egg sandwich at home.

                          Glad to see Billy's getting some love; that place is a solid. I always thought the steady stream of Boston's Finest was a great endorsement for that place.

                          I'll also suggest Mike and Patty's in Bay Village, where parking isn't bad over on Tremont near Church St. It's a short walk of a block from there, though I've walked right by when I wasn't paying attention. It's not well marked. Great egg sandwich for $3.25: Iggy's English muffin, wickedly smoky bacon, and good jack-type cheese (Patty used to work the cheese counter at South End Formaggio). There's a deluxe $6 version that features house-made mayo, avocado, red onion, Iggy’s sourdough bread; and a very nice cheddar: kind of decadent for breakfast, better at lunch.

                          1. Tasty Gourmet - Boston Ave. Medford

                            I always like Egg and Cheese from Falafel King in Dowtown Crossing as well, if he's still selling in the morning.

                            Kelly's in Ball sq.

                            Finally, Broken Yolk in Powderhouse circle.

                            1. 28: I'm reading all of these posts wondering whether or not they are helping you. Some of these places might be open on weekends, but are you looking for somewhere you can go before work between c-town and woburn on monday thru friday?

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                                Yea, exactly. I mean I'm willing to go out of the way a little if there is parking. Magnificent Muffins and Tasty Gourmet seem like a good suggestions though.

                                I tried Billy's Coffee shop this weekend and liked it. Didn't love it, but it was solid.

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                                  BTW, the Tasty Gourmet has off street parking in a lot across the street ($2 egg sandwich bomb special today). Also if you go to the Magnificent Muffin in West Medford mentioned in my post above, you should be ok parking in the Rite-Aid lot and its a lot more convenient.

                              2. MIKE & PATTY'S!!!! They are the smallest little place in the city, but they have GREAT eats... you will have to park on the street, but it will definitely be worth the agony of driving.

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                                  He's looking for somewhere he can go between charlestown and woburn on his way to work. Going from charlestown to bay village, then to woburn would be completely out of the way, especially at rush hour. Mike and Patty's might work on a Saturday morning.