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Feb 12, 2009 11:06 AM

Cheap Sushi [Midtown]

Is there a place to get affordable good quality sushi in Manhattan please? I am aghast at some of the prices I am seeing for online menus.

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  1. I don't know what your budget is, but our current favorite is Gajyumaru.

    1. We love to keep it around 75 a night for two..max 100

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        Their menu is on, so you can check it out there. If you don't drink, you can certainly keep it under that at the place I recommended. We tend to order some cooked dishes, a sashimi platter thing, then some a la carte pieces and/or some rolls.

        1. re: MMRuth

          I am new to Manhattan so seek something mid town south since that is where we are...thanks..sorry I did not preface this before..

          1. re: mrwynter

            Not a problem - I'll try to dig up a place we went to in Midtown that was pretty good and reasonable. Welcome to Manhattan!

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              This thread might help:


              Also, Sushi Yasuda is wonderful, and has a lunch prix fixe - though I've not tried it.

              This is the place I was thinking of - Sushi Jun:


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                I think Yasuda has sushi plates for dinner too that will not break your budget.
                List of East village sushi:

            2. re: mrwynter

              What about Shimizu or Hatsuhana?

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            Kanoyama (omakase platter of 8 pieces for $32), Lan (ten pieces for $35), Ushiwakamaru (15 pieces for $50), or Nori (10 pieces I think for $30 if you order the sushi omakase platter from the appetizers section) should do the trick.

            Not top tier but affordable -- "cheap sushi" normally frightens me.

            1. re: mrwynter

              Recently went to Tsushima on 47th bet 3rd and Lex recently and was pleasantly surprised (we kinda wandered in not knowing what t expect). Excellent service (tea and water always filled) and it was about $60 including tip for 2 (but we weren't that hungry so for proper dinner it's probably more).

            2. azuki is good. it is in gramercy but good sushi. not a take out/sit down joint but not a fancy place either.