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Feb 12, 2009 10:44 AM

Can only find lowfat buttermilk?

Do they not make full fat buttermilk anymore? All I can find in Genuardi's and Acme is reduced fat buttermilk. Does anyone know if another grocery carries it?

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  1. Maybe Whole Foods? These would both only carry cultured buttermilk though. If you want the real deal you might have to go somewhere like Hendrick's Farm and Dairy in Telford.

    1. Merrymead Dairy makes good whole milk buttermilk. Weavers Way Co-op carries it.

      1. They definitely sell it at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.

        1. Whole Foods does have it, so does the Fair Food Farmstand at the Reading Terminal Market. Both are cultured whole milk, not actual buttermilk.

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            That's interesting. What's the difference between cultured whole milk and real buttermilk?

            1. re: Den

              I found this very interesting article from the University of Cincinnati about making cultured buttermilk yourself.

              I think I'll try it!


              1. re: Carole

                Thanks, Carole. That is a great website for all questions dairy. Fantastic find!