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Feb 12, 2009 10:38 AM

Takeout dinner suggestions in grand central to bring on metro north

Hi chowhounders! I am going to be leaving for my folks for the long weekend tomorrow but need to bring dinner on the train as heading up past new haven on the shoreline after work. Timing is tight so need to stick to what's in grand central station. I've never explored the food options there beyond coffee and small snacks, so need your advice!

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  1. Both fish counters have prepared fish; like Pescatore for the cooked fish but if you want to grill salomon or tuna burgers when you get to Mom's, Wild Edilbles is the place.
    Dishes has many selections of cooked main courses and sides. Murray's Cheese counter is accross from Dishes. East of Murray's counter is a butcher with some prepared food at the end of their counter. The market also has a produce counter as well as two bakeries. you should be able to put something together for your needs.

    1. I like to go to the Market and get a picnic-- shrimp salad from Pescatore, cheese from Murrays, some Zabar bread-- great Shoreline noshing!

        1. That Panini place in the corner is pretty damn are the sandwich choices at Zocala. And Murray Salumeria in the Market is great as well.

          1. In Grand Central Market - go to Murray's Salami and pick up some salumi, proscuitto, serrano ham, etc. Then go to their cheese store and get a wedge of something and finally stop and get a loaf of a baguette from another stand. Murray's Salami also sells prepacked selections of meats and cheeses if you are looking for something easier. Still need to get the bread elsewhere.

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              If you do the above (which is a good idea), go to Murray's Cheese first, and you should get 10% off coupon for Murray's Salumi (which is relatively new - hence the incentive, good through Feb. 28). I prefer the bread place right next to Murray's Salumi to Zaro's, the other bread option in the market.

              You can also buy German cold cuts in the Market, if that's your preference.