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Feb 12, 2009 10:29 AM

a coffee shop near civic center?

Hi All,

I've set up interviews for summer internships in SF all day. One is from 2-3 around 24th Mission BART, and the second is 4-5 around the Civic Center BART. Is there a nice place around Civic Center where I could sit and have snack to wait out the awkward timing? ... while I'm wearing a suit?


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  1. Morty's Delicatessen is pretty good for a sandwich at that time a day, not a coffee shop but you can sit and have a decent sandwich there and not feel awkward wearing a suit.

    I cannot think of any coffee shops or ones that I would want to eat at.

    1. There is a Peet's in Opera Plaza on Van Ness, not too far from BART.

      1. Larkin Express Deli where you can sample Burmese food, although some of it is heavy on garlic and you might want to abstain until after the interview.

        Gyro King is a Turkish cafe You can have a lahmacun or filo pastry with your Turkish coffee.

        Click on the Places links for maps and other info.

        1. Cafe Asia inside of the Asian Art Museum. You don't need to pay admission.

          At that hour you should be able to linger and if the weather's nice, there's an outdoor patio that is separated from the occasional craziness that happens in the Civic Center area.

          1. I like Caffe Trieste on Market at Gough. I think you would be comfortable there in a suit and their coffee is good.