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Feb 12, 2009 10:26 AM

rec's for W.Van

HI there,
My GFs parents will be visiting Vancouver for a week from England. (First time meeting them!). I was going to take them up to Whitecliff park for a bit of westcoast experience .. (picnic w/ smoked salmon etc. !!). Not so familiar with the W.Van restaurant scene. Just looking for a place that I could take them to while we're up there. Somewhere to grab a drink and maybe some appetizers. Something casual, not too expensive.. a view would be nice. I was thinking Saltaires, but I find the food somewhat average. Any ideas on where to take them? (Or maybe it would be better to head back into Van. ??)

Any rec's Much appreciated :)

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  1. crave beachside and fraiche ( which is at he top of a hill) so views are supposed to be great as well as the food

    1. There's the Beach House at Dundarave. Food isn't bad but nothing outstanding except the view.