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Feb 12, 2009 10:26 AM

Where do I find pork belly?

I am eager to try last week's NY Times Magazine recipe for Eggs in Purgatory this weekend.

I've now called every meat market that comes up for my side of town on Yelp, and they all claim that they don't carry the stuff. The few that would order it say that I'd need to get a whole slab and that it would take days to arrive.

Where does one get 8 ounces of the stuff?

One of the butchers suggested the Asian Market 99 Ranch, but said that he was only guessing. Can anyone maybe confirm that they have it or give me another good lead? (The problem is that the call to them was fruitless.)

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  1. 99 Ranch has just about the best pork selection anywhere. They certainly carry pork butt.

    1. I was lead to HK Korean market by a poster on this board after he/she purchased some black pig belly there.

      also, Mitsuwa does carry the small portions you are looking for, though I have never specifically gone looking for pork belly there.

      Alexanders meats in SGV also offer high end pork, but frozen.

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        Mitsuwa does, in fact, carry Berkshire pork belly in small portions...

      2. Are you looking for pork belly or pork butt???? whole or sliced?

        All 99 Ranch markets carry both products. In addition so does whole foods.

        What part of town are you in???

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          I am now a little confused. For posterity sake, I called the Whole Foods in Glendale and was told that they do not carry it. Are you sure about the Whole Foods lead? I wonder if I should try other stores. I am in the 626 and have called around to the meat markets in the Pasadena-Glendale area. For instance the good folks at Alexanders told me unequivocally that they no longer carry it. But now you all taunt me with promises of selecting between Black Pig and Berkshire Pork Belly.

          I guess that I'll cross my fingers and then head off to 99 Ranch or Mitsuwa. Thanks for all of your help.

          1. re: nhb2009

            I bought soime on Sunday from the Whole foods on Foothill. The butcher said they just got a side and showed it to me and he cut it up for me. It was frozen.

        2. GF got pork belly at an asian supermarket in the 626.

          In fact, we are braising it tonight.

          So, go look at the 626?

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          1. re: ns1

            got a recipe you can share????

            1. re: jkao1817


              Just a reminder to please share any recipes on the Home Cooking board. If you do so, you are welcome to post a pointer post here, with a link to that thread.

              Thank you.

          2. I bought some pork belly in Thai Town the other day, here: