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Feb 12, 2009 10:20 AM

Help! too rich beef bourguignon

I've only simmered it for 2.5 hours and already the sauce is very very rich. any ideas how to mellow if out in time for dinner tomorrow or will it do so on its own? I cooked it a day early because i wanted it to have time to soak in the flavors but I don't want it to get any stronger.
I'm thinking about maybe mixing in some cream with the sauce-wouldn't make it much of a bourguignon but I prefer edible to authentic.

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  1. It's too rich and you want to add cream? Let me stop you by saying that cream is probably the last thing that I would choose to lighten up a dish.

    Sooo - what do you mean by too rich? Something tells me your description of "rich" doesn't equal what's really happening with your dish.

    How about adding some water to it? More stock? Squeeze of lemon? Combo of all 3?

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    1. re: HaagenDazs

      LOL @ HD

      That's like adding ice cream to my lo cal diet cause I'm hungry

    2. By too rich do you perhaps mean too alcoholic? My brother called me the other night (from Spain, no less) with just that problem with a bourguignon recipe he'd gotten off the Web. I suggested he remove the meat and veggies, boil down the sauce to get rid of some of the alcohol, and thin it our with as much water as he thought necessary. He said that did the trick for him. Perhaps it will for you as well.

      1. JoanN has good advice
        another common balance of flavor ,richness issue ;not enough acid
        not all wines are created equal for this purpose,take out a large spoonful,add a few drops of red wine vinegar;taste and you will know.

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          You beat me to it. Acid under apprciated but so essential

        2. I would too remove some of the wine boil down and add water to make lesss concentrated or just remove all together ... I have never had that problem but maybe too strong in a broth flavor or too strong in the wine flavoring, which is it ?

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          1. re: kchurchill5

            Adding some veggies like mushroom would water it down a bit.

            1. re: gourmet wife

              I like this answer the best! I would saute the mushrooms lightly first and then combine with the sauce and simmer.

              I can't imagine too rich. I can imagine too salty & too much alcohol taste.

          2. Adding a potato cut in half to a soup or sauce will help remove too much salt, not sure about being too rich. Not really addressing the question but an interesting fact. It does work.

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            1. re: kchurchill5

              Potatoes do not remove salt. This is an old wives tale. Potatoes just add volume and may soak up some sauce but so will a sponge.

              1. re: KTinNYC

                I put it in a gravy that my friend didn't know I salted so he did. The potato worked. Old wives tale or not. It was way less saltier before WAY less. I had several people taste, Blind taste of course and you could really tell. Just a thought, I still use it.