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Feb 12, 2009 09:40 AM

Kogi Korean BBQ Taco Truck - Perceptor's Report

so much buzzed on this taco truck in the past few months.... it is a taco truck thats on twitter... it is definitely im assuming first of its kind... this week Kogi added a 2nd truck to meet the expanding demand of hungry late night angelenos... i went to a brand new location at the Alibi Room in culver city... Chef Roy Choi informed me that Kogi will set up shop in this bar and cook permenantly there soon (while the 2 trucks roam the streets of LA).. after a short wait... i ordered 1 short rib taco, 1 spicy pork taco, 1 tofu taco, 1 kimchi quesadilla, and 1 korean black pork belly..... at the end.. it is just a taco truck that serves korean/mexican creations... was it out of body experience? no... but was it delicious? heck YA!!! this is definitely a fantastic late night meal/snack that can only be found in LA... which is awesome..

Enjoy my photo coverage:

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- Perceptor

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  1. I agree. I think there's so much hype with this truck that people are expecting some sort of heavenly experience. But if you take it for what it is, it is a great bite of food.

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      I have been following them since January and have recommended them to all my friends. But with all the press they have gotten the last month, the lines are crazy. So I recommend anyone wanting to try to wait til the 2nd truck is running smoothly (its scheduled this week) or their brick and mortar location opens (should be soon). The wait and the press obviousy skews people perception of the food. They are not trying to replace mexican tacos or korean bbq, just adding their own twist to LA's culinary landscape.

      1. re: LakerFan

        I've read the buzz and look forward to trying it myself soon!

        Now, if only a dessert truck were around!

        1. re: Dutchvanobvious

          Agree. The perception and the Buzz is much stronger then the bite... had everything on the menu at a privately catered event. Good and novel, it's a nice option for late night snacking, but nothing I would ever go out my way or wait in line for. I've had regular taco's actually much better.

    2. I'm confused: Are they taking over the entire operation of the Alibi Room, or just serving the Korean tacos out of its kitchen? When is that brick and mortar operation due to open? In the meantime, is it a regular stop on the truck's route?

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        will be just serving the kogi menu out of its kitchen...
        check for the list of stops... i believe the Alibi stop last night was the very first time...

      2. New news: Kogi opened last night at the Doheny downtown. Seems like they'll be renting a truck out for patrons on special nights. Best part about this was the fact that there was NO LINE!