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Feb 12, 2009 09:40 AM

Orlando Vegetarian

I am heading to Orlando in a few weeks, part business, part fun. I was wondering if there were any nice restaurants that do something interesting for vegetarian. We are already going to California Grill, we love it there. Thanks for any help!!

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  1. there is a new place called cafe118. it's not only vegan but it is all raw or living food. i haven't been there but is certainly sounds interesting. it's by park ave in winter park. website

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      I was In Orlando just over one year ago and visited Ethos Vegan Kitchen when it was new andoffering a limited menu. Everything we had was a hit and it was such a delight, as a vegan, to be able to order anything on the menu! They must be doing something right, they recently were named top vegetarian restaurant in the 2009 Orlando Sentinel Foodie Awards. Website: Very casual with counter service.

      There is a fabulous vegetarian friendly buffet at Boma in The Animal Kingdom. Make sure you tell your waiter or hostess that you are vegetarian as the chef goes up and beyond the call of duty to bring special dishes to your table.

      I will look up Cafe118 when we pass through Orlando in a few weeks. Thanks for the tip.

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        The Cafe118 website has a link (to be added at a later date) to Franchise information. Interesting. Unfortunately, they are not open on Sunday, they day of the week I will be passing through the area on our way to the Space Coast.