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Feb 12, 2009 09:37 AM

Saturday Brunch in Edmonton

I am looking for some saturday brunch alternatives in Edmonton. I am a regular at Culina and have tried New York Bagel Cafe, Blue Plate, Barb & Ernies, Sugar Bowl & High Level Diner to name a few....just looking for some new suggestions to mix it up a bit! I'm not to picky on where in the city but i usually stay around the South Side/Whyte Ave/ Down Town areas but am very willing to travel!


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  1. you have already mentioned most of the places I would recommend. Urban diner is good, most of the time, worth a try at least. I like cafe mosaic (whyte), but they are lacto-ovo vegetarian. Friends & Neighbors (whyte) can be decent.

    Saturdays are harder, there are not as many brunches not on Sundays.

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    1. re: cleopatra999

      friends and neighbours? i don't know anyone who has had a good experience there, however, most people complain about service, not food.
      what about tasty tom's? they are in the location you mention, and are fairly consistent - and open on saturdays. they tend to overdo it on the richness of the food (too much cheese, etc) so just order something that doesn't sound like it will give you a coronary.

      1. re: ihatepickyeaters

        Add me to the unsatisfied Friends and Neighbours list.

        1. re: raidar

          it was pretty good when I went, but I agree with the service. but I did like the menu. other complaint...really cheap jams and honey (not real honey, but honey flavored syrup...yuck).

          1. re: raidar

            lol ... I went there about half a dozen times. They ask you EVERY time how you want your eggs and EVERY time they simply disregard the instructions in the kitchen (or the instructions never make it to the kitchen). I can't say I've ever really enjoyed the place, but Mosaics next door can sometimes seem oppressively pretentious and F'n'N is certainly not pretentious.

      2. those are most of the places I would go too!

        Have you considered dim sum (personal recommendation: Golden Rice Bowl)? Always better with a larger group of people, but it's a nice alternative every one in a while to traditional brunches...

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        1. re: Miss_Scarlett

          I used to do inspections at Golden Rice Bowl and would not ever consider eating there.
          I have been in the kitchens of hundreds of Edmonton restaurants and it it's one of the worst.
          Sorry but true.

        2. Have you tried the Urban Diner? Their smoked salmon Bennie is great as is the mascarpone french toast.

          If you're looking for an old school breakfast joint, try Hap's Hungry House on Stony Plain Rd. It's a no frills, rough around the edges kind of place, but for some reason I can't get enough of it.

          1. Urban is always a good choice. The restaurant in the Union Bank Hotel is also very good (and not many people know about it).
            My favorite pick for Saturday morning is tiny diner in the west end (132 st & 132 ave) called Hathaway's Diner. Its a husband and wife team (he cooks, she serves) and its all around great. The food is great and its always served with a smile by a host who knows when your "new" and remembers you when you return (which you will). Its always busy, and can take awhile to get your order taken, but once it is, the food comes out quick.
            The only downside is that they close at 4pm, and they do catering as well, so often close even earlier to accomodate that.

            1. Just wondering if anyone has tried The Hat Resto Pub for their saturday brunch?