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Feb 12, 2009 09:30 AM

Sandwiches in Park Slope?

Any recommendations for good take out sandwiches in Park Slope? I've been enjoying the sandwiches at S'nice (especially the roasted vegetable panini), but I'd love some non-veg options. Thanks!

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  1. I love the sandwiches at Press 195, but I think they're completing a big renovation and won't open for another few weeks.
    Other options you should try are Tempo takeout and Pollio. I've tried Catene Deli (4th Avenue and 9th Street) based on chowhound recommendations of it being the best for chicken cutlet sandwiches; there were certainly a number of folks in there getting juicy eggplant parms, etc.

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    1. re: Brooklyn Hound

      Catene's fried calamari sandwich with red sauce is amazing. Very messy, but you have to try it.

    2. Here's a recent long thread.

      I'm a City Sub fan. Not gourmet by any means but a very good standard deli sandwich.

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        I really enjoy the sandwiches at Mitchells on Flatbush. To me City Sub is a Subway wannabe and I don't get the hype, but oh well. Mitchell's restaurant menu sucks, but the sandwiches are huge, on good bread and you can pretty much order anything you want. My favorite is chicken cutlet, melted muenster, grilled onions and mushrooms, russian dressing on a hero all for like $7.

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          I've never been to a Subway's so I wouldn't know how City Sub compares. I guess you have.

          1. re: Bob Martinez

            nice dig there Bob. I'm just saying when a place gets lots of compliments my expectations go up. When it reminds me of Subway (which by the way the majority of the country has probably tasted just once) it is quite disappointing.

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              I've spent plenty of time at both, as well as fancier places, and will say this. City Sub is absolutely comparable to Subway and is basically modeled after Subway. The difference is the ingredients are better and they are made, without trying to be too cheesy, with more love. As Bob said, it's a basic deli sandwich, no fancy ingredients. But their sandwiches are much better than Subways.

          2. re: ginsbera

            I totally agree about City Sub. The thing that makes it very similar to Subway for me is too little meat, mostly bread and other stuff. I like the atmosphere at City Sub much better than Subway but the sandwiches are not great, just ok.

            1. re: chowkitty

              Please give me a list of places in Park Slope that make sandwiches that are more generously filled than the ones at City Sub. I'd really like to try them.

              If anything, I've seen people knock City Sub because the sandwiches are too big and use Boars Head cold cuts instead of imported Italian meats and cheeses. Of course the sandwiches with the imported fillings tend to be considerably smaller but the posters justify that on the basis of quality over quantity. Fair enough, unless you're really hungry.

              Pollio's and City Sub are my go-to places for standard deli sandwiches in the Slope. I've found them to be comparable in price and the quantity of the fillings.

              So tell me, where are these giant sandwiches that I've been missing?

              1. re: chowkitty

                Like Bob, I'm gonna have to agree on not having any issues with too little meat. I can eat a big sandwich, and I've had trouble finishing a City Sub at times. It's not as much meat as the italian delis I grew up going to, but it's more then the 2 slices Subway gives.

          3. Russos Italian market on 7th Ave and 11th st. has the best sandwiches hands down in the slope.

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            1. re: jeeg

              agreed on Russo's being great. Their chicken parm is a steal for how much food you get.

            2. M & S (is that what it's called? formerly A & S, just moved closer to 3rd St) - Italian cold cuts, fresh mozz, etc
              Enormous, and delicious - one sandwich is good for two in my house.
              They make hot sandwiches too but I've never had them - I'd bet they're good.

              M&S Prime Meats
              312 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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              1. re: pitu

                Yep go to M&S - the meat is piled high and their rolls are spectacular, buttery flavor.
                I like the pepper turkey with cole slaw and russian.

                and take a trip to Red Hook for Da Fontes (see the 30 Rock teamsters episode)

              2. For something simple, my favorite deli in Park Slope is 5th Avenue Market, on 5th at Berkeley. They have high quality sandwiches (the egg and cheese is awesome), decent prices, and are open 24-hours.