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Feb 12, 2009 09:26 AM

Brunch with the girls?


I haven't been out to brunch in ages. What's a good spot? Thanks!

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  1. What neighborhood(s) are of interest? Thanks.

    1. My best brunch in Manhattan list:

      Favorite pancakes, waffles, and omelets:

      1. Hi Leah,

        We're coming in from all different areas, so it doesn't really matter. The UES would be the most convenient for me.

        Wow Kathryn, that's quite a list.

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        1. re: Little Cupcake

          You might also look into Square Meal on the UES - I've not been for brunch - but their food is excellent. No liquor though - byob.

          1. re: Little Cupcake

            Thanks! I hope you have a great time.

          2. Try Primitivo in Chelsea - they have unlimited Bloody Marys and Mimosas.. seriously no limit. You can also make reservations on Open Table and their food is usually 15 bucks or less. Have fun!