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Feb 12, 2009 09:21 AM

Cheap, festive(!) restaurant for private party.

Yep. Turning 40 in April. Need a space for about 30 people. I'll probably do appetizers only - ethnic food is good -- festive and on the offbeat side even better. Anyone have any recommendations? Can be in Manhattan or Brooklyn. All the stuff I find on the boards is on the more high brow level. (Maybe I'll be there at 50)

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  1. Try Jimmy's No. 43 in the E.Village. I hosted a party there last August. They have a private room in the back that would fit 30 and excellent appetizers and excellent beer/wine selection. Our guests raved about the food & drinks. The staff/service was great too. Keep in mind that it is very casual, which is exactly what we were looking for, but it may not be right for everyone. They're very flexible with the back room, which can be set up and decorated anyway you like. We used lots and lots of candles and moved most of the tables to the side for more of a cocktail party feel. You can also plug your ipod into their sound system. They also let us bring in our own birthday cake.

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      Here is a GREAT suggestion. On 34th street off 2nd ave there is a great mexican place called El Parador. They have a downstairs private room with a bar that you can reserve. They dont charge any extra for the room just the cost of food and drinks. You guys can be as "festive'" as you like without bothering anyone else. The food is fantastic as well. The margs may be the best in the city.