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Feb 12, 2009 09:20 AM


With Tablaa gone (I didn't enjoy it on my last visit ), and predicted its' demise, I need a good Indian fix.
I am spoiled by a fantastic Indian meal recently, in Frankfurt of all places.
Anything new?
...or what is the best of the rest.
I want to taste the freshly ground spices!!!

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  1. It's not the absolut best I've had, but I like Kathmandu on Yonge, north of College. their butter chicken is great, and I also like the lamb sali bothi.

    1. Have you been to Debu's Nouvelle Indian Cuisine yet? I haven't been, but it's on my current shortlist.

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      1. re: phoenikia

        I have!
        And won't return.
        Already going downhill - needs a re-think.

        1. re: estufarian

          O.K. Estufarian
          Where then???
          You share our love of Good Indian and we need a fix.
          I don't understand why Tablaa went downhill, as it started out with so much promise, yet an amazing restaurant like the Ivory Club, in a city that doesn't really understand Indian food thrives.
          Best Tandoori Chicken that I have ever eaten, and we have been to India a half a dozen times.

            1. re: erly

              This seems, unfortunately, to be a trend in Toronto with certain styles of cuisine. I think that the masses have come to expect certain cuisines like Thai and Indian to be cheap and plentiful based on the huge number of these restaurants that serve large quantities of poorly prepared food, either a la carte or buffet. Thus, when faced with Indian or Thai food of actual quality at a price that is reasonable but clearly well above what they're used to paying, they balk, because they can't begin to fathom the joys of higher end cooking of these types. Thus, the restaurants can't compete and either sink to the depths of their cheaper kin or close down.

              I am so glad to be back in Ottawa now, where Indian food is brilliant. I've eaten at four Indian restaurants since I moved back and all except one were better than what I was able to find in Toronto during my four years there. We don't have the ultra-cheap Indian and Thai restaurants of Toronto, and I personally think that this is a very good thing.

            2. re: estufarian

              Sad to hear it's already going downhill.

              1. re: phoenikia

                You should take Debu's off your list. I was a fan of his Biryani House, so I was excited to try his new place. I waited until a few months after it opened, thinking it would get over the new restaurant teething pains. Dinner for 2 came to $160 tax and tip in. This is more than what I normally spend for Indian food, but less than most restaurants. We got many items on the menu, and all disappointed except for the soup, and my companions poached pear. Chicken was dry, some of the food seemed cold, I have my suspicions that some of the food was prepared the day before.

                Service however was fine. I left a good tip for the waiter, he did a great job...too bad for the forgettable food. It's a shame, because I can see what Debu Saha is trying to do. He's trying to infuse traditional Indian food with new techniques...and that should be applauded. The food, however falls flat. I was very disappointed.

                For good Indian food, there's Amaya, Amaya's Bread Bar...both very good, and in the general area of Debu's. There's also Dhaba, The Host, and The Spice Room (Technically not Indian food...just Indian spices)

                Happy Eats

              2. The original comment has been removed
                1. I'm not aware of anything that has survived. The others that were attempting 'fresh' Indian have downscaled their aspirations. Indian Rice Factory may still be 'authentic' but last time I went, the service was abysmal and the spicing was 'super-hot' so impossible to detect any layers of flavour anyway.
                  I understand that Tabla changed when it became Tablaa, so it was a changed place, rather than a gradual slide.

                  1. We are fans of Nataraj at Bloor and Brunswick. It's really good. A lot of people also swear by Banjara at Christie and Bloor which is very good, but I don't like it as well as Nataraj.

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                    1. re: Arcadiaseeker

                      Both gone downhill.
                      If you like Nataraj then try Trimurti (Queen west of University).
                      If you like Banjara, look for the cheapest you can find.

                      1. re: Arcadiaseeker

                        I also swear by Banjara at Christie and Bloor.