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Feb 12, 2009 09:19 AM

all clad 7.5 inch french skillet?

does anyone have this pan? i have a 12in regular skillet and looking for something smalled for leftovers, a single patty etc. is this too small to be useful? any thoughts appreciated! thanks!

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  1. i've got a cast iron pan that is 8 inches in diameter and actually I end up using it a lot, though my stainless pans are larger

    1. I just got one. I didn't realize it was as small as 7.5 inches until just now. I looked it up and measured it and it is that size. It seems bigger. I've been using it so far for sauteing, particularly onions, peppers, etc. And also for omletes. Very happy.

      1. I have the 11'' version and love it (made only better by the fact that it was "free" with a WS gift certificate). It's like a hybrid between a regular skillet and a saute pan, and I use it for both purposes ... very versatile pan.

        The sharply angled walls make the usable surface bigger than it would be with a "regular" skillet of its size - my guess is the 7.5 probably has as much cooking surface as other 8 or 8.5'' skillets.