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Delray Garlic Fest Feb 13 to 15

Does anyone here plan on going to this in Delray this weeekend? Garlic Chef competition include Food Shack's Murgio among others. Along with the garlic chef competition, there's Pizza Wars where local pizza joints compete for best festival pizza on Sat from 5:30 to 6:30.


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  1. i am planning to attend-


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      I went with my cousin today-
      we had a great time-

      1. I was planning on going Sunday (free admission), but the pizza wars sound promising. I'll probably still end up going Sunday, but if anyone does check it out on Saturday please post back how it was.

        1. My hubby and I will probably go. We went the past 2 years.

          1. I have avoided it in recent years (and I live 8 blocks away). I didn't want to spend $24 for wife and I to get in - and then another $25 to $50 for a few portions of mostly "festival food". That said, some of the events this year sound interesting; we'll probably check it out on Sunday when they are having free admission this year, to see if the food for sale is anything different than we can get better elsewhere (is that a mangled, run-on sentence or what).

            1. The food was mediocre and expensive, the entrance fee was too high for the size of the faire, and compared to the Gilroy Garlic Festival it was overall disappointing.

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                For $12, I felt there was little to do. I walked though and listened to some music, but that was about it since I chowed down at Mellow Mushroom. I guess I shouldn't have eaten before going to the Garilc Fest, eh? DRB restos were packed and there are a *lot* more places than what typically gets rec'd on here.

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                  Yeah if there is a recession/depression you sure would not know it from walking on Atlantic Ave last night. Granted, Saturday night of President's Weekend and Valentines Day is a huge combo... but I mentioned to my wife that last night around 9PM was the busiest we have EVER seen the Ave. It almost felt like South Beach... or Times Square.

              2. The Garlic Festival is FREE today. So here's an idea... come to Delray and check it out. And then, when you want some *really* interesting food, walk a few blocks over to Bamboo Fire, the little Caribbean restaurant that recently opened. Everyone who's been there really likes it. Check it out...




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                  CFB- thanks for the info on Bamboo Fire. My hubby and I were planning to go to Mellow Mushroom but may just take you up on your suggestion instead.

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                    Didn't end up going anywhere to dine since we ate at the fest. It was just like the past two years but warmer. Music, food, and beer. Blah.