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Feb 12, 2009 08:42 AM

L.A. 'Hound ISO recs: Vancouver/Seafood/Lunch/Near Downtown today

I'm jumping on a bus back to Vancouver in an hour, and I'll be in town for a bit before I fly back to LAX.

Can anyone suggest a great spot in Vancouver which satisfies the following:

- Open for lunch today (or weekdays)
- Serves the best indigenous seafood which you know of
- Is situated in downtown or within bus/skytrain/walking distance

Thanks in advance!

(In unrelated news, Vancouver and Whistler was awesome. Go Canada!)

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  1. Joe Fortes
    Right downtown not cheap but good service excellent food all found no worries

    1. Rodney's in Yaletown is a good one too. Great oyster selection and good lunch specials.