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Feb 12, 2009 07:59 AM

Williamsburg/Greenpoint CSA: reviews?

I am considering joining the Wburg/Greenpoint CSA (in partnership with Garden of Eve) this year, and I wondered if any recent members (preferably from the 2008 season) could comment on their experiences? I'm particularly interested in the following:
- Did you feel that you received an adequate variety of fruits and vegetables?
- Did your share seem to be enough for the week? (I am only cooking for two people including myself by the way)
- Do you think that there is a significant advantage to the CSA membership when the McCaren and Union Square farmer's markets are nearby?

Any other comments/complaints/experiences would be helpful.

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    1. Hi,

      I know it's a bit late to respond to this post, but I felt that I should give my input since I've been a member of this CSA for the past Summer season and the last 2 winter seasons. Also, jamesl8n's answer didn't seem very helpful...
      Full disclosure: I recently joined the Core Group, which is the volunteer group that organizes this CSA. Obviously I wouldn't have joined this group if I didn't support the CSA or feel that I could help improve the CSA.
      So, my husband and I get a half share (every other week) of fruit/veg/eggs/flowers. We've been very pleased with the amount of food we've received and have found it to be plenty of food for the two of us although if you are vegetarian you may want a full share. Concerning variety, I think there was generally a good amount of variety, but there were also some reliable "staples" like mixed salad greens, green beans, tomatoes and then there would be something new and intriguing like kohlrabi or purslane. We were especially impressed with the fruit share which provided an abundance of berries, which tend to be very expensive at the green market and stone fruits like peaches and plums.
      In my experience I've found that there are several things that Garden of Eve produces really well, like tomatoes, eggs and most greens. Then there are other things that I think they're still trying to improve like their Arugula, which can be stemmy and holey. However, those cherry tomatoes that are as edible as candy make up for the sometimes lackluster other products. Also, some people have complained that the Garden of Eve stand at the McCarren green market has more variety than the CSA shares, which is sometimes the case, but the CSA has been pretty good about explaining how the farm works and why the CSA gets some things and doesn't get others.
      Also, as far as I'm concerned, the cost comparison between the CSA and the green market is hands down in favor of the CSA. I get so much more from my CSA than I could afford to buy at the market and I like knowing that paying the farmer in advance really helps them with the farm.
      As far as the food itself is concerned I think that it's a good CSA and I've been happy with it. And as far as the organization itself is concerned, I know that there are many good, conscientious people involved who are working really hard to improve upon what is already a great CSA that has become so popular that we've begun to sell out of our shares.
      Well, I don't know if this answer is helpful now, but I hope it's helpful to people for future reference.

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        Wow. Thank you! I was wondering the same. Very helpful.