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Feb 12, 2009 07:57 AM

Solo Celebratory Dinner

I want to go out to dinner one night within the next few weeks to celebrate a personal accomplishment. I'm thinking of just dining solo. I want to be able to sit at a bar and enjoy an incredible meal. I think Gramercy does it right but I go there often. Still want to try Per Se, WD-50, and Croton but I'm not sure if these places have the sitting at the bar dining solo thing I'm looking for. I do not want sushi for this meal. Cost is no object. Any thoughts and suggestions?

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  1. Are you totally opposed to doing your solo celebrating at a table? I have often seen solo patrons in the dining room at Eleven Madison Park, and they always receive excellent service. Needless to say, the cuisine is sensational and whether you do the 3-course prix-fixe or one of the two tasting menus, you will surely have an incredible experience. Of course, there is bar dining there if that's what you prefer.

    Veritas is another excellent option. The French cuisine now being served there is superb and, of course, there is the extraordinary wine list. At the bar, the menu is a la carte instead of a prix-fixe as it is in the dining room.

    Btw, per se definitely does not have bar dining, but they do welcome solo diners. We haven't been to Corton yet, but I don't think they have bar dining.

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      Eleven Madison is great but I really am stuck on the idea of sitting at a bar. Will consider Veritas. Thanks.

    2. You might try to get a reservation at Ko as a solo. I've dined there by myself (both lunch and dinner) a few times, and it's very nice. Food is great and you don't have to dress up. Lunch is a more decadent meal (figure 3 hours) with more courses than dinner. I've also done L'Atelier Joel Robuchon as a solo. It's nice, but I liked Ko better. Per Se doesn't have dining at a bar. Congrats on your accomplishment!

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        I would absolutely love to eat at Ko. I've tried getting a Reso a few times but haven't been lucky. I've been to the L'Atelier Joel Robuchon in Paris and if the setup is similar then it would be a great solo dining option. Will consider it. Thanks!

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          I think treating yourself to a wonderful meal is a great idea!

          It is my fantasy right now to indulge myself alone in a decatant meal!
          And one day when the moment is right - I promise to do it - and Ko is the place I have in mind (if I can get a res) Either Ko - or how about - wd-50?
          I'd love to try that - and by myself because no way would anyone I know "get it" there!

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            WD-50 has a bar and I think you can order dishes from the regular menu there, but it's such an experience I think you'd want someone to talk to, react to the dishes with, etc.

            1. re: kathryn

              Kathryn -
              This is the story of my life!
              I NEVER have anyone to share my food experiences with! Sadly, my SO is not a foodie....I have learned to keep the "oohs and aaahhhs" to myself...
              and he certainly would not get the food at WD-50 at all!!
              Actually, I don't know anyone that would!

              As far as the OP - I think the point is to treat him/ perhaps it is still a good idea (?)

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            I've read nice things about eating solo at L'Atelier, and would put it on my list were I you. You might also consider Picholine - there have been some great reports about solo dining there as well - Lulusmom was one poster, can't remember the name of the other one.

        2. I have had nice solo dining experiences at the bar at both Cru and Blue Hill. The bartenders were lovely and the food great.

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            I love Blue Hill and I haven't been to Cru yet. I will add both to my short list. Thanks.

          2. There is no dining at the bar at Per Se. I have had many celebratory dinners at the bar at Jean Georges. Ask to see the main dining room menu and you will have a wonderful time.

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              Do they always let you order from the formal room's menu in Nougatine? Or only if you are sitting at the bar?

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                Kathryn, my situation at jean georges is unique. I have eaten there on average of three nights a week for the last 8 years.

            2. I recommend going to Degustation and having the 10-course tasting. All the seating is bar seating, with the bar wrapping around the open kitchen, like a sushi bar. The food is wonderful, and they also offer wine pairings.

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                How about Gotham Bar & Grill? The bar is set up for dining. Enjoy!