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Feb 12, 2009 07:32 AM

North44 Wintervicious

Hit North 44 last night and thought I would share the experience.

The food was excellent. Small portions but the quality was fantastic and for a woman of my size, it was ample. The men at the table were a tad disappointed but needing to lose a few inches anyway, it was for the better.

The olive bread to start was excellent. For starters, 2 of us had the pork belly and scallop, while the other 2 had tuna seared with jalapeno. Excellent. Two of us had the salmon and the other 2 had the braised short ribs as entrees. Fabulous. The desserts were all wonderful with the pavlova being my particular favourite.

While the food was wonderful the service was well below par for a restaurant of this stature. If the waiter said 10 words to us the entire night i would be surprised. Examples of this:
a) rolled his eyes when we asked for more bread
b) didn't ask us if we wanted coffee/tea before serving dessert
c) didn't engage us in our wine selection when ordering or pouring
d) didn't ask us if we were enjoying our meal, if there was anything else he could get us while eating our entrees.
e) didn't thank us for dining or say goodnight when giving us the bill.

All in all, as said before, if he offered up 10 words the entire night I would be shocked.

Anyone else experience this at North 44 in the past? I didn't like my experience at One when i went last year and this proved to be equally poor. Again, the service or lack thereof.

Perhaps this is a winterlicious/wintervicious thing but i'm of the school that when you're at a restaurant you are the patron whether you spend $50 or $500. (Keep in mind the tab for the entire table last night came to $300).

Regardless I think I'm finished with the Mark McEwan restos.

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  1. It may sound harsh but if a server EVER rolled his/her eyes at me, regardless of the establishment, I would IMMEDIATELY ask for the manager, pay for what I had eaten, and promptly get up and leave. Rolling eyes at anyone is the height of rudeness. I don't get it.


    1. Haven't dined at North 44, but I have experienced terrible service at Bymark on their patio. I'm not sure if the employee I spoke with was an assistant manager or a manager, but he was the rudest, most sarcastic and condescending restaurant employee I have ever met. Anywhere. You couldn't pay me to return to Bymark.

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        Strange...I was treated to impeccable service during last year's Summerlicious at Bymark.

      2. i went to north 44 for summerlicious and had a very similar experience to you. while the food was good (though smalllish portions), we found very similar complaints about the service. our dinner almost ended up taking 2 hours because the service was so slow.

        when we were seated, it took the waiter 20 minutes to come even take our orders. ridiculous. each course probably came out in 30 minute intervals, including dessert. we were never asked how our meal was. i think we saw our waiter once at the beginning, and maybe at the very end w/ the bill (it coudl have even been someone else). it was ridiculous to see... the table next to us was getting very similar experience and they as well said they wouldn't return.

        i don't know if it's because we only ordered glasses of wine and not a bottle, or because it was summerlicious, but it ruined our experience of the restaurant to the point where i don't think i would return. the food was decent, but they failed the "try out" and i'd rather spend my money elsewhere

        1. I've been to North44 and Bymark both regularly (and often), and during Summerlicious, though I won't go this time around.

          I've never had bad service at North44, though during Summerlicious the service was pretty slow compared to how it normally is. At Bymark there was really no difference, though I've received rude service once on the patio (but never saw the same waiter there after that).

          1. I'm going to wait till I can bring the corporate AMEX =P maybe they will pay more attention to me then!!