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Feb 12, 2009 07:31 AM

What is your favorite "ethnic" food to make?

I'm really excited about expanding my culinary horizons and learning to make more foods from different cultures/regions of the world. I wanted to start a thread where people can share their favorite dishes, exotic recipes, etc! So to that end:

My two favorites are pad thai and swedish meatballs. I can provide the recipe if anyone is interested:)! I've been perfecting both recipes for some time now and they always are so comforting and plain good!

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  1. Welcome to the vortex. I experienced your view toward expanded culinary horizons quite a few years ago. The only issue is that it never ends. Each culture has, within itself, wide varieties of food types and styles for preparation. Some become frustrated with the experience; I think it's a beautiful thing. You'll start out identifying "favorites" but the list will become so long that when some asks you, as you have asked us, "what is your favorite", your head will begin to spin. I truly love German, Italian, French and Mexican cooking. But not to the exclusion of Indian, Chinese, Japanese and other types of food. Regardless of the ethnic group I might focus upon, it's the actual food items (recipes) that intrigue me. That said, I will add one of my "favorites" (a specific food item) to your list. Not because it's my most favorite, but ranks high on the list.
    That would be Baumkuchen. I don't have access to a rotating "spit" so I prepare it under the broiler. It's a challenge to make, a beautiful presentation and there are enough styles for preparing it to keep me challenged each time I prepare it.
    Good luck ... you're in

    1. My favorite ethnic food to make is my favorite ethnic food to eat ~~ Italian. I married into an Italian family and MIL is Sicilian, so I learned from her.

      I live in Sothern California so I also enjoy making and eating Mexican food. Although, here in SoCal it is so ubiquitous as to almost not be considered "ethnic" IMO

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        Yah, same here -- Italian. My second love is Sichuanese, but it's much more difficult to get good results, as the regular home stove just doesn't have enough heat output to achieve the wok 'hei'. But pasta dishes are so easy to recreate, and so delicious.

        Seafood pasta, and mushroom pasta come to mind, mostly. Oh, and caprese salad if you can get good tomatoes and Buffalo mozzarella that doesn't cost an arm and a leg....

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          That's funny, I don't even think of Italian food as ethnic food, since it's become so regular in our home. Same with Mexican--we cook it so much it's standard fare and nothing exotic.

        2. A few weeks ago, I had Puerto Rican night at my house. If was amazing. I made Arroz con Gandules, Mofongo, Pernil and Flan. That is by far my favorite ethnic food.

          1. Growing up, a child of southern Az. Mexican was our comfort food no matter where the Air force sent us. In the past few years I have been exploring Vietnamese more and more. It is great food for hot sticky summers in south central Indiana. I do a fair amount of just about anything. i do find Indian fairly labor intensive and much Middle Eastern also. Some of those I reserve for group cooking projects.

            1. Original or as close to original Mexican as I can get and Thai, I love the cooking but have a lot to learn.