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Feb 12, 2009 07:23 AM

Need Help with San Diego Dinner Choices

We are going to be in San Diego in March for a conference. We are staying in the Gas Lamp District for four nights. I have made reservations for two of the nights, but need help in selecting two more restaurants. So far we have Suite and Tender in the Se Hotel where we are staying and Candelas. Some others with positive reviews are:

Cafe Chloe
Donovan's Steak
Sally's Seafood

I would appreciate any opinions of the above restaurants or any others you think I should consider.
Thanks in advance for any help!

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  1. Cafe Chloe is an excellent choice (and one of my favorite restaurants). Around the corner is Cowboy Star, which is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner for the carnivore. For breakfast, try Cafe 222 in the Marina district, and the Fish Market for good seafood and a great view. Lastly, head to the top of the Hyatt and have a drink while you take in the view all the way TJ and beyond. Enjoy.

    1. Cafe Chloe is a great choice but I think of it more of a lunch place.
      Donovan's Steakhouse..pricey and good..great for the corporate account the seafood and the ambiance.

      I would do Top of the Market at the Fish Market vs. then going downstairs to the main restaurant.. it's so pedesterian..or the O-Bar, outside deck or sushi restaurant..excellent quality.
      Roy's would be another option.
      Love having drinks at the Top of the Hyatt or JSix at the Hotel Solamar..

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        "Cafe Chloe is a great choice but I think of it more of a lunch place." - I think that is much better for dinner than lunch. When it is dark it is that nice relaxed feeling that I miss during the day (and also food options (entrees) are better than during the lunch. Some of the recent daily entrees specials where very good.

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          I guess I need to get in there for dinner!

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          In my experience, Top of the Market serves the same food as the Fish Market at a significantly higher price. It is a more formal setting, but the mark up seems a bit high for the same fish they serve downstairs.

        3. I'll fifth Cafe Chole -- a special little gem in San Diego.

          Someone mentioned the Fish Market which is an excellent place for sunset drinks and a light meal at the Sushi Bar (excellent sushi bar by the way). Never actually eaten there outside of the sushi bar but a few rolls, a drink and a sunset and this just screams "San Diego"


          1. I'd go with Cafe Chloe and Cowboy Star

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              I am the OP and appreciate all the opinions.

              I am going to go with Cafe Chloe and Cowboy Star....looking forward to our trip to San Diego and trying all these restaurants.

              Thanks so much Chowhounds!

            2. please give us your thoughts on Suite and Tender. if you do go to Cowboy Star and you happen to like Sangria, try some of theirs, some of the best I've ever had.