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Feb 12, 2009 07:12 AM

Tocqueville, V-Day '09: no tasting menu?

Hi all, 1st post. Love the site.

I snagged a res for Tocqueville, but have never been there and it seems to be respected if not oft-reported on these boards. When I was telephoned to confirm, I was told there'd be a $95 prix fixes 3-course for dinner. I thanked them and hung up and then got buyer's remorse in advance.

I want a tasting menu! I want to hang out for a while, have the wine paired up, and taste as many things as possible.

Have I made a mistake?

Should I attempt to find a new place, or just sit back and assume they're still offering a solid experience? Honestly, just by the $95pp figure I'm not getting the sense of a feast, which is what I was hoping for; even with a wine pairing this is about 1/2 what I expected to spend. Too good to be true if they're not going to offer me less food than I want, right?

I'm stuck, aren't I?

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  1. We always had excellent food at Tocqueville. Many restaurants only offer one set menu for V-Day instead of their regular menu options. At this late date, it may be difficult to get a reservation at a restaurant that would please you which is serving a tasting menu. But it can't hurt to do some checking around. Even if a restaurant that you would like is booked, you could put your name on the wait list, and maybe you'll get lucky.

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      How true this is. I've learned the hard way. I ended up trying a few other places that were offering dinner and they're doing prix fixes as well.

      I'm trying to make up for this with quantity. Doing two other "hotspots" this weekend. We'll survive, I suppose.

      Look out next week...

    2. WHAT A JOKE this place is!

      I could not believe I fell for it! I'll write up a proper review shortly.