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Feb 12, 2009 06:27 AM

Valentine's dinner in/near Nashua, NH

So, DH and I will be in Nashua this weekend. We have never gone out for dinner on Valentine's day itself, especially when it's Saturday -- we'll usually cook at home and maybe go out another night near 2/14. Anyway, we're "stuck" in a hotel (away from the kids -- don't feel too bad for us ;) this weekend and could use some good suggestions for dinner 2/14. I've found some possibilities in other threads on this board, and of course, many restaurants have special menus for the night. We don't need interesting beverages beyond a nice glass of wine, and we don't need live music. (Not that we're avoiding it, just don't need it.) What's your vote for a nice Valentine's dinner out?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. If I were in your shoes - definately Michael Timothy's (nashua) or Surf (nashua and same owner). Michael Timothy's might be more cozy and romantic.

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    1. re: lexpatti

      Thanks! Michael Timothy's is booked for Saturday dinner, and Surf doesn't take reservations for 2, not even for Valentine's. Bummer -- the menus look great.

      1. re: momjamin

        I love Cocina Toscana for just about everything plus you still might be able to get in :)

        1. re: SuperGrover

          Thanks much! Cucina only had 8:30 or later, or 1-3pm openings, so I took an 8:30. We like Italian. (Who doesn't?) I figure I can cancel if we decide we need to eat earlier and try Surf's "first come first served".

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            There's Caffe Il Cipresso, in Tyngsboro on whatever DWH is called there. It's in a strip mall and has strange hours but reportedly excellent and authentic Italian food. It's open 3-9 on Sats.


    2. Stonehedge Inn in Tyngsboro has a table for two available at 9:45. Check Open Table. It's going to be tough to find a reservation at this late date.

      1. How about Lucia's Travola in Brookline, Nh?

        Michael Timothy"s is also ding a lunch menu for Valentine's.

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions, although it didn't work out well for us.... We made a Cucina Toscana reservation for 8:30, showed up and found 30 people standing in their entry -- some 7:30 people hadn't been seated yet, and there were plenty of 8:00's waiting, with the 8:30 folks starting to trickle in. Clearly the whole staff was in the weeds -- not sure if they overbooked, were shorthanded, or the early people had all lingered too long... Some of the waiting people had called around to other restaurants and found fully booked with plenty of walk-ins waiting. We decided to go back to the hotel for room service (which wasn't all that bad, considering), and we'll pick another night to go out for something nice.

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          1. re: momjamin

            This is a chronic problem at TC. On Valentine's Day, it must have been a nightmare...

            1. re: whs

              We never intended to go out on VD, have never gone out on the day in the 10 years we've been together, and will probably never try again, but we were stuck in a hotel on that night (event earlier in the day), and the room service was prompt, the food was better than expected, and the atmosphere was quiet and intimate ;-) Oh well, we've got a story now!

            2. re: momjamin

              Hubby and I are doing the same thing. We are going out tomorrow for our special dinner. We avoid eating out on VD like the plague because it is always a let down when the restaurant is packed, and service and kitchen are always in the weeds.