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Feb 12, 2009 06:10 AM

ISO: Hard Candy / Lollipop Making Supplies in Toronto

I'd like to try and make some molded hard candy and molded lollipops can anyone direct me to some where local (I'm downtown) I can pick up the special hard candy molds (not chocolate molds)?


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  1. Try Bulk Barn (I always go to the one at Leslie and Lakeshore). I know they have chocolae molds and i think they may have lollipop as well....

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    1. re: restaurantarian

      sorry, I should have mentioned I checked the fabulous bulk Barn they only seem to have chocolate molds which are not heat-safe to a high enough temperature. I need molds that are specifically for making hard candy or other high temperature (300 degrees) candy. TIA

      1. re: cometier

        Try McCall's. They have a huge stock of candy molds, but I would call to check about the temperature thing.