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Feb 12, 2009 05:56 AM

Dinner meeting between Lowell and Salem

We're having a dinner meet/greet for around a dozen, between Lowell and Salem (I know), probably best on the Salem side. La Boniche in Lowell would be nice, and is the type of place I have in mind, but I was trying to move more towards the Salem end. The Grapevine is probably too far towards Salem. Anything around Peabody. Could do Legal Seafoods in the North Shore Mall, but I'd like some of you LS haters to give me some alternatives. Is the Sylvan St. Grille an option? How's the food and ambiance there?


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  1. If you are open to something a little bit different I would suggest you consider a Cambodian restaurant in Lowell called Tepthida Khmer. It is located on Chelmsford St. Tepthida Khmer is a very nice small place with excellent and very authentic Cambodian and S.E. Asian food. The place is very clean and the service is excellent and freindly so if you are open to ethnic food you won't be disappointed with this place. I try to have lunch there at least once a week. They also have a nice web site where you can check out the menu.

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      I've had take out and loved it. I also like Sonmonorom (I think I spelled that right) for Cambodian. I think Tepthida or Pho 99 are great ideas, but maybe not for this outing, and too much in the Lowell direction.

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        Well, how 'bout O'Fado? The restaurant side is open at night, and the food is great, the wine is cheap, and they wouldn't rush you....

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          Nice idea. I'll run it by the people. Is it fancy, divey, in between? Tables, booths?
          A good Portugee steak sounds good to me, but....
          Keep 'em coming though, thanks gg

          1. re: justbeingpolite

            I'd call it tidy and down to earth. Passes my mother's non-dive radar; no cracked linoleum and formica tables. White tableclothes, lots of Portuguese tile, dishes hanging on the wall, a little bright, simple. Lots of plain wooden tables and chairs you could push together for a big group, no booths. Lots of apps to share, Portuguese home-cooking, but grilled skewers of beef and things for the unadventurous. (The bar next door is a little divey, in a good way...)

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              Sounds like a place for me, but not necessarily this group. How about the steakhouses? Gaven's in Middleton, or Pellana in Peabody?
              Any thoughts?

    2. We are big Pellana regulars. We are going tomorrow night in fact. We use to frequent Gaven's, but had a couple of bad experiences there and gave it up. Pellana has great steaks, seafood and sides are big enough to share. Desserts could be improved upon. But you will probably be too full for dessert anyway. We usually are. My husband loves their seafood appetizer. Enjoy!

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        Made the reservation at Pellana. Thanks.
        Thanks to you, too, GG, I'll save O'Fado for myself.