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sushi palace in kingston

I haven't seen anyone post about this new all you can order sushi place. No, it's not a buffet. You sit down, order what you like from the kitchen and sushi menus, and then your food comes out made to order! The kitchen menu includes soups, salads, tempuras, goyoza, teryakis, etc. The sushi menu has sushi, sashimi, hand rolls, etc. The kitchen items come out as they are ready, and the sushi comes out one one big, beautiful platter for everyone to share. All this for only around $20 per person.

The food selection and food quality are better than most sushi buffets, since everything is made to order. However, please note that the sushi is not as good as in some a la carte sushi places. For $20, I don't expect it to be! Imagine seeing over 100 pieces of sushi on one plate... the experience is a lot of fun! I would especially recommend Sushi Palace for a mixed group, since it is easy for the sushi-averse to be adventurous and sample off the communal sushi platter.

Wait time: the two times I went, which were a Friday and a Sunday, we had to wait 45-60 minutes for a seat, this place is packed!

Recommended items: shrimp tempura, spicy kani salad, spicy tuna roll, specialty rolls

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      Sushi Palace is located in a strip mall on Rt 27. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but the inside is well done. The address is 4437 Rt 27, Kingston, NJ.

      Sushi Palace
      4427 Rt 27, Kingston, NJ 08528

    2. I have heard lots of great things about this place!
      My friend was chatting my ear off about how great this place is.

      Not a fan of buffets or the Mets but looking forward to giving this a try.

      1. Just a random side note - Kanoko Sushi Kendall Park NJ just north on 27th from Sushi Palace is now also offering all you can eat, fresh when you order Sushi.

        They had a sign on the door with the pricing.
        Could not read it because it was small or my eyes are getting old.

        In any case this place has been here forever and would guess competition from down the road is forcing them to change their business model.

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          Had lunch at Kanoko Sushi Kendall Park NJ
          Same deal as Sushi Palace all you can eat
          Quality of fish about the same
          However the rolls were the perfect size rolled tight!

          19.95 all you can eat
          Had a seaweed salad - Yummy!
          Salmon Sushi - Good
          Yellowtail Sushi - Good
          Kiss of Fire Roll - Spicy Tuna and crunchies with White Tuna on top with spicy Mayo and Jalapeno Peppers - Very Good
          Shrimp Tempura roll - OK
          Dessert - Ginger Ice Cream

          They stress order all you want but DO NOT WASTE FOOD!
          I Love that.
          You will not leave hungry and you will definitely want to take a walk.

        2. Had Lunch here today. No Wait at Noon.
          Open 7 Days A Week.
          Cozy Restaurant did have a few other tables occupied.
          Sushi chefs very friendly and happy. Green tea was very good. Servers stoic.

          All you can eat 18.95 during the week.

          Really like their motto -
          Order all you want but eat all you order - Please do not waste food!

          Overall It was good.

          They provide you with two paper checklists.
          One for Sushi/Sashimi/Rolls and another for Kitchen items, soup, salad, apps, noodles, tempura, dessert, and more, you do not leave hungry.

          Simply check off what you want and voila your sushi orgy arrives.
          Tried the Salmon Sushi - good
          Yellowtail Sushi - ok
          Sushi portion was a perfect bite size but a lot of the rice fell apart while eating.
          Inari - Very good
          Veggie Tempura roll - ok - a little well done - and it was just sweet potato, but I like that, no worries.
          Peanut Avocado Roll - very good
          Pink Lady Roll - Crunch - Spicy Tuna - Tuna - Salmon - Avocado - Good but the roll fell apart while eating.

          Wasabi had super powers - soy and ginger also very good!

          They had signs posted in the restaurant that they have added more items to the all you can eat menu:
          Octopus Salad, BBQ Squid, Crazy Roll, Oyster Roll, Pepper Salmon.

          It is an amazing amount of food to choose from.

          Posted Two pictures - A Fun Experience!

          1. We went to Sushi Palace again last night and now we have an additional roll recommendation- the softshell crab roll was very good. As usual, all the food was good and we'll be back.

            1. Went back today for lunch. Exceeded Expectations. It was excellent, Salmon really fresh today. Service excellent. My teacup constantly filled, waitresses smiling, Kani Salad AMAZING!

              In addition, they are opening a second in North Edison on Inman Avenue.
              Read the sign but do not remember more details than that.

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                shabbystorm- thanks for the info! kingston is really a haul for us, so i am so excited they will be opening up a location in our neck of the woods. i have a feeling we will have to go during off hours to make it into the edison location.

                1. re: njchowgal

                  You are not kidding - if they can maintain that type of consistency the Edison location will be PACKED! Sorry, that I can't remember the address they had posted, I am getting old LOL.

                  1. re: shabbystorm

                    I believe it's:
                    1089 Inman Ave
                    Edison, NJ 08820

                    It's in the Inman Grove Shopping Plaza next to Stop and Shop. The sushi place that was here before Sushi Palace opened was not so great, so it hasn't been packed as of yet (a lot of people probably still think it's the same place). I've been to Sushi Palace about 4-5 times since they opened up 3 weeks ago and they have yet to disappoint.

                    1. re: cling0017

                      cling0017, just to be sure, are you saying that the Sushi Palace in Edison is all ready open?

                          1. re: shabbystorm

                            Visited Sushi Palace 2 in North Edison. This is close to the Scotch Plains boarder. It is a lovely restaurant, with burnt orange colored walls.
                            They have SUCCESSFULLY replicated the quality of food.
                            This meal exceeded expectations.
                            The staff were kind, attentive, and smiling.
                            Would return again.

                            1. re: shabbystorm

                              i agree with shabbystorm and would like to mention that they added an 'Edison Roll' to the menu at Sushi Palace 2. i believe it was shrimp tempura and spicy tuna inside and spicy crab outside. dh and i are so excited to have a sushi palace closer to home. the staff couldn't be nicer- the manager even recognized me from my visits to the kingston location. i would recommend sushi palace to anyone who likes to eat more than two rolls when they go out for sushi- what a great value.

                2. I just went to Sushi Palace (in Kingston) for the first time last night, and it was great. First, I'll piggy-back on others' comments to say it was not the absolute best sushi on earth, but it was all very fresh and tasty, better than what you see on sushi buffets, and you EASILY get your $20 worth. Anyway, here are some specifics from my experience:

                  - We got there around 6:30 on a Saturday night, and it was packed solid! Even the waiting area was full. I expected to be waiting a while, but the sushi bar had a couple seats open, and they let me and my wife go right there. Keep this in mind if you go with a group of 2 or 3 people and see a big wait.
                  - The all-you-can-eat menu had a few more options than the similarly run Konoko (3 minutes down the road). I thought the overall quality was about the same, but prefer the larger variety (especially with some of the "special" rolls) at Sushi Palace.
                  - The big surprise of the evening? The Peanut/Avocado roll. My wife is a big fan of peanuts, and we'd never seen this before, so we figured we'd give it a try. It was amazing! It was stuffed with fresh avocado and lot of crushed peanuts, and ended up tasting like a really hearty, crunchy peanut butter. I realize this might sound really weird, but it was delicious.
                  - Not sure if this is a complaint, but many of their portions on non-sushi items were unnecessarily large. For things like shumai or tempura, if you indicate "1" on the sheet, they will bring you one for each person, which makes sense. But then for other things, like the Seaweed Salad, Kani Salad (which was awesome), or the BBQ Squid, they bring a pretty hefty portion. It could have been half or a third the size, and I would have been happy. And you could always order another. With the bigger sizes, I felt obligated to eat more than I really wanted of some of these. The guy next to me ordered a single order of Chicken Teriyaki, and they brought him two chicken breasts. (If anyone from the restaurant is reading this, please think about this...)
                  - On the other hand, the size of the sushi (pieces & rolls) was smoetimes small, but that was expected and appreciated. There's only so much one man can eat, and I love variety, so I'd rather have 6 small rolls than 3 big rolls. And again, you can always order more if the 1st round wasn't enough.
                  - Despite the fact that the place was packed, the staff did an amazing job. We got to see first-hand at the sushi bar how fast the five chefs were preparing some enormous platters of sushi. I thought we'd be waiting a while for our order, but it actually came out pretty fast. Cooked food from the kitchen was always delivered fresh and hot. And the waitresses were always right on top of things - refilling drinks, clearing plates, getting new checklists delivered......all without asking. There were only 5 waitresses working, but it seemed like there were 12 of them flying around the room.

                  All-in-all, a great experience, and we will definitely be going back.

                  1. Wow, I had a totally different experience than all of you hounds, that's for sure! Yes, by the time we were seated (a busy Saturday night) I was a bit tired (8 months pregnant at the time). But the service was nice, if harried, which is only to be expected given the crush of people. Sure, because I was pregnant, I only ate the cooked fish items, so I didn't get to experience everything. However, I must say that it all tasted the same...bland and blah. The sashimi my friends had looked really tired, for lack of a better word and my husband wasn't impressed by what he tasted. The "special" rolls which my pals waxed lyrical about were just sweet, overly sweet to me, and otherwise flavorless. Given the limpness of the fish and how bland it all seemed, I wouldn't go back. I guess I'm alone in this, although my husband isn't a big fan, nor is a discerning sushi lover friend, either. I realize that you're not going here for a Blue Ribbon Sushi or Masa experience, I get that. But still, I'd rather not have what to me was pretty mediocre food.