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Feb 12, 2009 05:09 AM

Liverpool House - disappointment

Went to Liverpool house last night and it failed to impress. After all of the hubbub around this place, my dining partner and I would only rank it a 5/10.

The ambiance was kind of like a hip chalet/boathouse, which was fine with me and the most ingenious part was the dishcloth cum napkin. It kind of went downhill from there. My biggest complaint was, wait for it, they gave us too much food. Every course was over-portioned. I was full after the appetizer...never a good sign.

I started with the gnocchi, which had a beautiful sauce and the gnocchi themselves were nice ricotta pillows, with good texture, but over top of the whole thing was a slab of chewy, tasteless mozzarella (not mozz di bufala, either). I couldn't finish the dish, but it was way too much food to whet one's appetite. Partner had the grilled octopus over lentils and frisee, which was good, not great.

For mains, he had the pork shoulder, which HUGE. Huge as in "I am somewhere in midwest America ordering a porterhouse steak" huge. The best part of his dish was the turned carrots and parsnips. I had the "pulled pork scallops." I should have asked for explanation. I thought that maybe they took the scallops and made them into something resembling pulled pork. I was thinking "how creative!" Nope. I got scallops sitting on top of pulled pork. The elements were good. Scallops not overcooked, pulled pork a little salty, but tasty nonetheless. But I got 6 scallops. Six. Waaaaaay too many for the dish to be enjoyable. I still remember Brunoise's 3 scallop portion fondly. Sigh.

Anyhow, there was nary a vegetable on my plate. Also a disappointment. Any good chef worth his/her weight in salt will figure out how to freshen up a plate with a veg, especially a plate filled with fish and meat.

Ordered a dessert - the marjolaine with pistachio and chocolate and a scoop of what the waiter said was mango sorbet, but was clearly orange. It was dry and kind of boring.

After all of the good press: NYTimes, EnRoute, Gazette, etc etc. This place was not worth it. It seemed to us like a destination restaurant, and not a place one actually goes to to enjoy the food.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Interesting. Your criticism reads like the inverse of "the food is awful, and such small portions" joke.

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        1. re: thomasein

          This restaurant is wayyyy over priced and not worth it at all!!!

          1. re: Alyson777

            Based on what criteria would you say that? I've had some very good meals there, and found the prices to be fairly reasonable, considering. It might not be everyone's favourite restaurant, but it certainly has its fans (myself included).

            1. re: cherylmtl

              Normally the comment would be interpreted as the opinion that one had payed a sum of money that was greater than the sum of money one should have paid for the good provided. Pretty subjective, really.

              1. re: cherylmtl

                I think It's unreasonable to pay $ 20 for a glass of white wine that is not even half full,,,

                1. re: Alyson777

                  Depends on the wine, doesn't it? I gladly paid $25 for a small glass of Puffeney's vin jaune at Bouchonné.

                  And wine glasses really shouldn't be filled more than half full (the rule of thumb for many sommeliers is one-third full) as the wine needs the headspace to develop its bouquet.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Hi:

              We've had to remove some posts on this thread. Posters are welcome to offer their own assesments of Liverpool House, and to disagree with the chemfemme's review of the place. However, personal comments about the original poster, or any other poster, are not welcome. Please remember that we're here to rate the chow, not the hound!