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Eggs Benedict and ?

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Hey guys,

I love food but really just started trying to learn to cook in the last few weeks. Eating at great restaurants all the time gets pricey. ;)

I'm making my girlfriend's favorite dish, eggs benedict, for a Valentine's Day brunch. I've been practicing with the eggs this week and I think I have them down pretty well. Unfortunately, I can't find any English muffins in Norway, so I think I'm going to have to substitute another bread, perhaps ciabatta.

I've looked around the net and found that potatoes (in many forms) are a very common side dish for eggs benedict.

Does anyone have a particular style of potatoes that they recommend? Or any other creative, but not so hard I can't do it yet type ideas for what to serve with the eggs?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Pan-sauteed potatoes with a bit of tarragon is good, also we like sauteed fresh spinach with a little nutmeg added. Can you find Holland Rusks there to sub for the English muffins? BTW, they're pretty easy to make.....but we've used all kinds of bread with
    success. Good luck!

    1. I agree with bayoucook - any bread will do. Another side dish would be a green vegetable. Asparagus when it's in season but there are several options. Even a small side salad would be good.

      1. One of my favorite things in the world is eggs benny on a grilled croissant. Must come come w/ green vegetable or immediate coronary arrest. HaagenDazs said asparagus or simple green salad. A little frisee would be nice too, could even hit the grill for a second.
        You could also do the pan sauteed pots as a base and add a side.
        As I woman who truly loves eggs benedict, I guess I'm trying to say that the important elements are the pork, the perfectly poached egg, the hollandaise and a crisp on the edges sopper upper.

        1. I do not know how traditional breakfasts are served around the world, but in the States, when eggs are the main item, Home Fried Potatoes or Hash Browns are usually the side dish accompaniment ...especially for Eggs Benedict. In the South, an alternative would be Stone Ground Grits. Many times when having breakfast or brunch out in a nicer environment than a typical diner, e.g., a restaurant or hotel restaurant.....plates are also garnished with some type of fruit. A melon slice in season or a small fruit salad. Green vegetables or a salad could also be used if it were later in the day for a brunch service...rather than an early breakfast.

          As for bread options, traditionally English Muffins are used, but I have seen recipes for substituting Holland Rusks, however, my preference would be for a softer bread rather than a harder drier one.....something you could easily cut with a knife and not have to fight with something either too chewy or too crispy to offset the balance of the egg, bacon and Hollandaise Sauce.

          Here are some ideas for the potatoes. There are many recipes for casseroles, but sometimes less is more and a simple preparation is best without any other ingredients other than onions or Green onions in crisp potatoes.





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            Thanks for the reply. I guess I should add that, even though I live in Norway, I am American and grew up in the South. Some good grits would be great, but, much like English muffins, finding grits seems to be impossible around here. ;)

          2. Here's an easy potato that can be mostly made ahead. It's a good place to start for you.

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              Thanks, I ended up making these and they turned out to go nicely with the EB.

            2. Here's my recipe for Rosemary Garlic Roasted Potatoes. I've had them with Eggs Benedict and they go great with it. Simple and easy to prepare and full of flavor.

              4-5 Red potatoes, washed and quartered
              4 Peeled garlic cloves, chopped
              3 Sprigs of fresh Rosemary, 2 remove leaves & chop, 1 intact
              Butter flavor non-stick cooking spray
              Salt & fresh milled pepper to taste

              Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spray a medium sized cast iron skillet liberally with the cooking spray. Arrange the quatered pieces in the skillet and spary them with the cooking spray coating well. Season with salt & pepper. Place in oven and cook for 10 minutes. Remmove and sprinkle the chopped garlic and Rosemary evenly over the potatoes and top with the intact Rosemary sprig. Return to oven for 10 more minutes. Remove from oven and with a pair of tongs turn/re-arrange the potatoes for even cooking, and give another light spray coating with the cooking spray & replace Rosemary sprig. Return to oven to an additional 10-15 minutes or until potato wedges are cooked through.

              1. try to find "crumpets" as an easy substitute for english muffins.A sort of "dry crispy " hash brown or rosti works well without the sauce and butter over load.

                1. One of my favorite restaurants serves eggs benedict on lightly toasted dill bread. How about potatoes Anna? thin slices with butter, S & P crisped in the oven.

                  1. My vote goes to asparagus (if you can get it) and fried potato wedges. My wife prepares Eggs Benedict with fried potato wedges using the microwave. She microwaves the potatoes (about 2 - 21/2 minutes per spud) then cuts them into wedges and fries them slowly in hot oil until crispy and brown. Drain on paper towel and immediately sprinkle on a bit of coarse kosher. Fantastic ....

                    1. I love eggs b over a grilled croissant, some grilled or roasted asparagus, the traditional ham or canadian bacon and egg and sauce.

                      I make others with avacado, avacado and a lighter sauce over croissants.
                      A lobster eggs benedict over polenta
                      proscuitto or pancetta over chibatta or any grilled baguette is great
                      Dill bread is amazing as someone mentioned, My grocery store makes one
                      Pumpernickle with a chive cream cheese, fresh proscuitto, spinach, egg and sauce

                      Potatoes, I use some red tomatoes in the micro for 5 minutes until soft. I mix with just 1 small egg, a few bread crumbs, just 1 tablespoon or so, add a little salt and pepper a little onion fine diced 1 teaspoon or so. Just mash after cooked and add the ingredients and mix in a large bowl. Make into a small ball and then press in your hand. I dust lightly in flour, just lightly and pan saute, perfect potato cakes. You can skip the flour but I think it helps.

                      PERFECT AND MY FAVORITE
                      One more. I take a large potato and cut into 1/4 inch slices. I microwave them, but you can boil as well. Now to put it together. Pan saute slightly just till lightly brown just a minute or two. Layer one potato, then some herbed cheese or herbed cream cheese, then ham or bacon (anything), then potato, then cheese and spinach and ham, then potato, then egg and hollandaise. It is amazing and really tasty.

                      I have even seem them over grits that have been made and cooled and cut and then served. Never tried that.

                      FYI, one more I lied. I have served eggs b over crab cakes.

                      So ... pretty much anything goes

                      1. I forgot .. You can take a canned biscuit ... I know canned and jazz them up with fresh dill and butter and flatten them out a bit and they would be a great simple alternative, top with some cracked pepper before baking and perfect.

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                          Biscuits would be my choice too although croissants are a great idea. I'd make the biscuits from scratch though only because a fresh homemade biscuit is lighter and flakier in texture than the canned ones. Or, if you make biscuits that are more like pucks (and mine use to be until I learned to keep everything cold and handle as little as possible), if you can get a biscuit mix product like Jiffy or Bisquick, use that and maybe spike it up a little with the addition of some dill or other herb to the biscuit mix before you stir in the wet ingredients.

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                            I love making biscuits from scratch ... sometimes I just don't have time. I always try to have all my options open. Last week I found myself with 6 guests and we all wanted breakfast. I quick stop to the grocery store 1 block away, eggs, proscuitto, avacado, some herbed cheese, and biscuits and I even used a jarred hollandaise which I jazzed up. Everyone was getting ready to head out so ... time was critical. Breakfast was ready in 20 minutes. Trying to cook eggs, biscuits, sauce, ham set the table and entertain and make mimosas didn't allow for much more, :)

                            Enjoy your Eggs B

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                              I ended up deciding on ciabatta primarily because it's one less thing to try to coordinate. With no quick biscuit option in Norway (they don't even know what biscuits are), it would have to be from scratch if I went that route.

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                                What, No McDoanald's option for a muffin or biscuit swap out?

                                1. re: fourunder

                                  Haha, McD's doesn't serve breakfast here, so I can't even go that route.

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                                  ciabatta is great, used it as well Briosch is another, forgot to mention it, but I am a huge fan of ciabatta. Enjoy!

                          2. A couple of years ago i made Irish Eggs Benedict. I made potato cakes out odf Champ, potatoes mashed with butter, cream and green onions and pan browned them. Those i topped with smoked salmon and Hollandiase. It was very tasty.

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                              Awesome! Made a note of this! Our b&b has an Irish influence and this sounds like a great breakfast offering. Thanks!

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                                It was pretty decadent. Use irish smoked salmon of course. A few chopped chives make a nice garnish.

                            2. Artichoke bottoms would also work. Maybe use a normal piece lightly toasted white bread cut in a small size circle and then artichoke, aspargus or spinach so that the missing English Muffin isn't as noticable.

                              1. This may sound odd, but I've had eggs benedict with no bread at all and loved it! Just some simple home-fried pototoes on the side...works great.

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                                  I have too, I had one done once over a ham patty. I had a lot of bread crumbs so It became more of a stuffing patty, but it had ham and a little onion for flavor but little seasoning, then lightly sauteed topped with the egg and hollandaise. It was wonderful.