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Feb 12, 2009 03:14 AM

Where the heck can I buy jarred, picked okra??

I like hot, jarred, pickled okra but am having a hard time finding it. Any suggestions? Preferably in/around Brighton. Thanks!

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  1. Rick's Pics, a gourmet pickle company, sells them at Whole Foods....

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    1. re: galleygirl

      I'll have to try the one on Washington St in Brighton - thanks!

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        It's called "Smokra", they can probably get it for you if they don't have it....

    2. Not sure if it's hot but they sell pickled okra at Stop and Shop and Shaws.

      Fruit Center in Milton sells "gourmet" pickled items, including okra.

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      1. re: C. Hamster

        I haven't had any luck finding pickled okra - hot or not - at Stop & Shop OR Shaw's. But thanks for the suggestions!

        1. re: bvmk

          Stop and Shop keeps moving their stuff around in an illogical manner, but it was once on a high shelf near the pickles.

          I'll try to remember to look for it when I go next.

      2. Marty's Liquors, corner of Harvard and Commonwealth. Go to the deli section and look on the shelves across from the cheese section. It's on one of the lower shelves.

        Pickled okra is one of the things I occasionally get homesick for, so I always make a note of where to find it when the craving hits.

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          Marty's? Really?? My boyfriend loves that place and goes pretty often - that'd be perfect! Thanks!

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            You're welcome! Yeah, I was surprised too, but there they are, next to the cornichons and stuff.

        2. i would get some okra at whole foods and pickle them yourself... nothing better than a little snap in your pickled okra.
          in a vinegar, garlic, pickling spice mix you can get some pretty tasty results in a couple of weeks

          1. Not around Brighton, but the Armenian shops have it, either in the Watertown Coolidge Corner or at Eastern Lamejun on Belmont St.

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              Is Eastern Lamejun the Armenian store next to Shangrila in Belmont? If so they definitely have pickled okra. If not, the Armenian store next to Shangrila in Belmont has pickled okra!