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Feb 12, 2009 03:02 AM

Tehuitzingo - grocery?

Reading the boards, I see a lot of posts about the taco stand in the back of Tehuitzingo but I'm wondering if I can actually pick up good Mexican groceries - nice tortillas, pickled onions, achiote, etc - there as well? Or is it really just your average bodega?

A related point; where in Manhattan can I get good fresh tortillas? I like the small kind for making tacos, dont really care if they are corn or flour, just want fresh and tasty ones!


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  1. they have a bodega's worth of groceries. pretty good selection considering the small size. no fresh tortillas far as i know, but you might ask. try essex market for a bigger selection.

    1. they do have a refrigerator case of mexican goods under the counter so its not all dusty cans of goya beans. That still remains a go-to place in the area, but I haven't been going out of my way to have their food anymore (used to tho).

      1. There is a Mexican grocer within the neighborhood that has tortillas, achiote, bolillos, etc, but I cannot remember the name or address. Perhaps someone else can help.

        As for fresh tortillas, I've heard that Pinche will sell you their fresh tortillas, though I'm trying to find my own trusty mercado in Morningside or Spanish Harlem that might also sell good corn tortillas. Otherwise Bushwick is the only location I know definitively.

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          Tehuitzingo del Valle, 47th and 10th.

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            I think you mean Tulcingo del Valle and they don't carry groceries. The place I'm thinking of is on 9th or 8th, I think.

        2. I don't know if this is going out of your way (I know you said Manhattan but I don't know exactly where in Manhattan you're located), but there is a place called Coqui Mexicano, it's located on 3rd avenue in the bronx (near #2, #5 train & #4,B,D trains - it takes me 30 minutes to get from midtown to this place).

          If you call ahead of time they would be more than happy to make you fresh tortillas. Just let them know how many you would like.

          The place is like a deli cafe that just recently opened - very humble but tropical feel to the place. Their food is super fresh (tacos, cuban sandwiches, tortas) as in made while you wait and they have really great homestyle desserts (tembleque, guava cheesecake, flan, coconut cornbread pudding.) I know you asked for tortillas but I'd figure I'd add a little extra details.

          Like I said I know you mentioned manhattan but if you want more info on this little unknown spot let me know

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            thanks, that's a great find! been looking for interesting things in the bronx; looked it up, is it located near brook ave and 3rd ave, around 157 st? and, if you know of any other good eats in the area, mind replying on the following thread?


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              Sure! I'm so glad you're interested. I'm a firm believer in supporting small business ownership and if we want the bronx to improve we need to search these places out.

              I'm gonna go dig in my kitchen draw to see if I can find the menus to the jamaican place and the coqui mexicano. I'll post on the link you gave above in a few! :)

          2. I buy my tortillas at Zaragoza in the EV. There's been a few posts about it here. It's a tiny mom and pop grocery that also serves some tasty food. The tortillas that they carry are commercially made and usually pretty fresh. My BF checks out every brand in the store to see which one feels the freshest (raised eating tortillas - higher standards). Don't expect a market comparable to what you might find in California, but it's a great asset to the neighborhood.