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Copa Cafe - Cambie St. Vancouver

ck1234 Feb 11, 2009 11:31 PM

Has anyone been here? Me & a co-worker were on training today at 25th & Cambie and really this was our only choice for lunch - quick & in walking distance, so we had a wander in. We looked at the menu briefly outside & I didn't want to go as I wasn't in the mood for Asian, plus, it was totally packed! But looking around Cambie we decided this was it or nothing! There was a mostly, ok 99%Asian clientele. When I got home today I had to google the restaurant because I couldn't understand what the food was about!!! Hong Kong cuisine? I guess I don't get out much! lol.

When we walked in, I was surprised how BIG everyones dishes looked, and they looked good too! When we started to look at the menu, I guess that's what I didn't understand as it was a mix of Asian & Italian? Asian & Thai? Asian & American/Canadian? Anyway, there were way too many choices to look at and I changed my mind about 5 times! I really wasn't in the mood for Asian so I ordered pork chop with mushroom sauce & linguine and I was very leery about doing that. My friend ordered Minced pork with Thai fried rice. Both were $7.95 each and included a drink. But before the drink we got hot tea in large water glasses to start.

It was pretty darn good. I got an ok pork chop with a great mushroom sauce - almost a white gravy, good linguine & a side of vegetables which was broccoli & baby carrots. My friends dish was super spicy & really quite tasty. The only thing was is I got my dish way before my friend was served his and that was a little uncomfortable but I eat way slower than him anyway so it wasn't a bad thing really. After tax, bill was $16.50 or so. We have another day left of training & I'm actually looking forward to going back & trying something different tomorrow!

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  1. fmed RE: ck1234 Feb 11, 2009 11:50 PM

    Hey ck1234...the Copa is a HK-Style Cafe - it is a Chinese restaurant that serves interpretations of Western cuisine. It's pretty strange to the initiated. Not really my cup of tea.


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      alissers RE: ck1234 Feb 21, 2009 11:03 AM

      HK style cafes are usually pretty good value. Most Chinese restaurants generally are though.

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        gourmet wife RE: ck1234 Mar 20, 2009 01:37 PM

        Went to Copa about a week ago. It wasn't bad but I think my expections were a bit high because the owner used to be the chef at Gloucester (further North on Cambie). Over not bad, I would go again but maybe not my first choice.

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