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Feb 11, 2009 10:23 PM

Where to eat at Centinela and Sepulveda?!?

Please help. I will be stranded at the Radisson Hotel on Centinela near Sepulveda from 2/23 until 2/26. I do not want to eat at the hotel and will not have my car. Does anyone have any info on Viva Fresh or Martini's? They are located on the same corner as Dinah's. I didn't see anywhere else.

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  1. sorry, i don't have info on those two, but as far as dinah's goes, here are the dishes i would recommend:

    the baked german pancake
    the baked apple pancake
    the chile relleno omlette
    and, to a much lesser extent, the swedish pancakes with lingonberry butter, and their chicken gumbo soup.

    although, i don't agree, a friend of mine thinks their bbq ribs are good.
    i am not a chicken affectionado, but i'm told their fried chicken is fine--not great, just fine.

    i am not, at all a fan of their buttermilk pancakes nor anything based on them.

    their alaskan crab claws can be very good or awful and there is no predicting which it will be.

    1. Kate, I can understand not wanting to spring for cabfare, but a couple of bucks (with correct change) pays for a bus ride and a transfer. This can get you up or down Sepulveda, and back and forth on Centinela -- you could get to Pann's or try Marisco Chente or hit Metro Cafe or Johnnie's or Tito's.

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        of those choices i'd probably go with metro cafe as first choice because it probably doesn't involve transferring from one bus to another.
        second would be mariscos chente (i just ate dinner there tonight), because the food is sublime, and their prices are so low it would offset the cost of taking a cab to return to the hotel. if this is for dinner during the week, i'd try to go early because if business is slow, mariscos chente will close early.

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          Nosh, I'm an avid bus rider, but for these few days I can't rely on the bus to get me to lunch and back to the hotel when I need to be back--hence, "stranded." As for going to dinner on the bus, logistically it's possible.

          1. re: Kate is always hungry

            I might be wrong, but aren't you going to be close to the Fox Hills Mall? I was in there recently and I noticed that Green Truck on the Go (organic catering truck) was there. Never had their food, but some people have said it's pretty good. I noticed you said you can't count on the bus, but there is a bus station inside the Fox Hills Mall complex. I'd check the Culver City bus website, I would think they run more frequently although I've never used their buses. Oh...just remembered they were renovating the Fox Hills Mall and it appeared most of the food places were shut down. Maybe the concierge at the hotel might have ideas. Good luck.

        2. Not that it is a culinary wonderland but there are a few more choices available within half a mile of the hotel, including the various middling offerings at the Howard Hughes Promenade just up the road from Dinah's.

          1. I am trying to visualize my shuttles from LAX back to Westwood on the Flyaway, which starts north on Sepulveda before turning onto the freeway near the Bridge, and I don't know exactly where Centinela is. I wonder if Sorrento's deli is within doable distance -- their sandwiches are freshmade, big and so inexpensive. There is a new branch of El Super Taco on the west side of Sepulveda across from them nearby for inexpensive tacos and tortas too. Both of these are in the vicinity of Jefferson, south of Washington or even Culver. Further south closer to the airport on Sepulveda, I recall a bunch of chains, and I know there's a Trader Joe's, a Souplantation, and maybe a Hometown Buffet.

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              i don't know of a souplantation in the neighborhood. hometown buffet would be a bus ride therefore not really workable for lunch. for dinner, when there is more time, i'd recommend going with the better options you recommended in your first post.

            2. My wife likes Viva Fresh. I think it's okay Mexican.
              Howard Hughes has some decent places, notably Stefano's for pizza and Wild Thai for decent if expensive Thai.
              I would take the bus to Pann's, frankly.

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                interestingly, the Stefano's in the Howard Hughes Center is pretty damn good.