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Feb 11, 2009 10:10 PM

The Creamery coffee opens Monday-ish in Soma

Word is there's going to be a new coffee-nerd place of worship opening on Monday in Soma.

The Creamery, as it will be called, serves beans from Ritual Coffee (but roasts their own or something?) So I gather from the signs up last week and mumblings of the dude smoking in the parking lot outside today.

They are still hammering away in there, so it may or may not open on Monday proper. Being a workaday stooge in that hood, I can only hope it will.

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  1. Soma is a fairly large area. Where might this "coffee-nerd place of worship" be?

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      1. re: Concetta

        Sorry. Yes, 4th and Townsend, across from the Walgreens.

    1. Ritual is a roaster, aren't they? It wouldn't make sense to buy green beans from them, you can easily get the same beans through the usual wholesale sources. I prefer Trouble to Ritual anyway...

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      1. re: realspear

        I asked if they were going to use Stumptown beans. They said no, Ritual beans that they will then roast. Confusing. Still want to try it Monday....

        1. re: iwantmytwodollars

          This still doesn't make sense, Maybe Ritual is supplying greens, but that would have no bearing on how the finished product would taste. Sort of like me buying a steak from the same source as a great steak house.

        2. re: realspear

          Trouble is just a coffee shop. They use roasted beans by De La Paz.

          Ritual does both roasting and brewing. It's possible they are wholesaling beans unroasted and that would make sense if their sourcing was small farmed beans. All of these coffee companies are realizing then everyone has the same Ethiopian Yergachef bean unless they start carrying the award winning stuff, with very limited production. Also, single sourcing is the new trend, so that's the benefit of buying even green beans from Ritual.

          1. re: sugartoof

            Ritual doesn't sell green beans retail that I'm aware of.

        3. It's Saturday, February 14, and the place seems open for business. I drove by this morning and it looked crowded.

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          1. re: Mari

            It wasn't open when I walked by at 10:30 Saturday morning. And there were carpentry tools strewn about, but there were people sitting around inside. Carpenterning I suspect.

            1. re: Paul H

              I went. I drank. It's ok.

              Drip was ok, but hmmm. A tad watery? Confusion at the counter on how to ring stuff up (hummus wrap). But nice inside nonetheless.

              I don't know. I will hold my judgment until I get a shot. Coworkers had the espresso, and seemed to think it was good. We'll see...

          2. Went today --- cool location, very good macchiato with nice art for $2 or so. I'm sold.

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            1. re: jlecount

              I went to creamery this morning and wasn't impressed. i think the design is cool, nice colors and stuff but the service sucked. and why is it that coffee shops have cappuccino listed on the menu when all you always get is a latte. i got the bagel, ham and cheese and asked for salt and pepper and they didn't have it. i asked the manager what ritual coffee was and he was very short with me. i'm sure there is cool story behind why they are serving ritual but i got no detailed response. i make cappuccino at home everyday. if i go to a local coffee shop i am expecting something special, unique, especially with a small business that just launched. i won't go back.

              1. re: sophka

                I've been twice. The first visit, I ordered a Double (medium) cappuccino and got a Latte. I thew it away. The second visit, I ordered a single (small) cappuccino and really got a cappuccino. The second visit was at 6 in the morning, and I think one of the owners made the drink.

                1. re: sophka

                  "i'm sure there is cool story behind why they are serving ritual"

                  maybe because Ritual wholesales their beans to other coffee houses. Just like Blue Bottle, Barefoot, etc.

              2. link

                The Creamery
                685 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94107