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Feb 11, 2009 09:47 PM

Master Mix

Years ago I had a 'master mix' recipe that could have been made into biscuits, muffins, pancakes with different liquid additions. Does anyone have this recipe? It was like a flour, leavener recipe that you just add liquid.

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  1. That sounds kind of like a homemade Bisquick mix. Here's one version, though I'm sure there are hundreds out there on the web, and there are probably small variations:,174,1...

    1. thanks for posting this. i was wondering the same thing. i'm hoping for something lower fat and non-crisco though.


      1. SACO makes a powdered buttermilk product that you can use to make a Bisquick mix.
        Here's the recipe. It does call for vegetable shortening though. Isn't Bisquick advertised as a buttermilk baking mix? I've used the SACO powder but never made the mix.

        1. Thank you. I had forgotten there was shortening in it, but it makes sense. Can't make biscuits without shortening.