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Feb 11, 2009 09:08 PM

(Not) Valentine's Day

I'm looking for a place to go "for" Valentine's Day. Fortunately me, my girlfriend understands that we're not likely to go out on Saturday itself. We're much more interested in saving our money and getting a better deal/better service/better food on a day somewhere near Valentine's Day.

Ideally I'm looking to spend somewhere under $150 for the both of us (if we could get under $100 that'd be ideal) including tax, tip, food and wine (if possible). We really enjoy tasting menus, or some sort of "full meal" rather than just ordering a la carte, but we can be persuaded if the right food is the right price.

She won't eat sushi. That's about it. Restaurants we enjoy (for reference) include Grace, Comme Ca, Hatfield's, Gordon Ramsey

We're willing to go for a special evening or for lunch instead of a dinner if the offer is better. Any suggestions?

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  1. Would you consider the Sunday brunch at cafe del rey?
    it is a 3 course brunch that includes champagne.
    cost $38/pp
    excellent value, very pretty restaurant, very good food and enough of it.

    here is the menu:

    p.s. i'm VERY fond of the grilled asparagus salad with the fried egg, as well as most of their other dishes.
    however, i'm NOT fond of the chocolate hazelnut tart, one othe their dessert choices, because, to me, the peanut flavor overwhelms the hazelnut flavor

    1. DineLA has been extended through February during the week at most of the participating restaurants. Some of them serve pretty much the same special menu at lunch that they do at dinner, at less expensive prices and with a nicer view in the sun. (See my quick review of my lunch at Ocean Avenue Seafood, below.) If you are a couple that likes to share dishes, then one of you can order the DineLA menu, which gives you the multicourse meal with the special price including a dessert, and the other can supplement with whatever appeals from the regular menu -- best of both worlds.

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