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Feb 11, 2009 08:50 PM

AYCE Sat. or Sunday Brunch

A friend is looking for all you can eat brunch on weekends. She likes the Warehouse and wants something similiar, but in different parts of town. Can be from the valley to orange county. TIA

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  1. Trump National has a great Sunday Brunch.... and so does the Palos Verdes Country Club (no membership required although they charge slightly more for nonmembers).

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      Never had the brunch at PVCC.. Since you mentioned it.. I know that they have remodeled the clubhouse. Is it very good or just ok in your opinion. Your feedback would be helpful. Thanks

      1. re: Foodandwine

        I really liked it. I'd say it was better than okay. The brunch was quiet... there was no wait (we had reservations).... the waitstaff were attentive. T

        here was all you can eat hot and cold Alaskan king crab legs (worth the price of admission), omelettes cooked to order, plenty of crispy bacon, and a ton of other choices.

        I'd go back there again. Personally, I eat my money's worth... but, with my wife at my side, they make a tidy profit She's pretty much done after 2 scrambled eggs, some fresh fruit, and whole wheat toast. :)

    2. Probably the most talked about AYCE brunch on the LA board over the years has been the one at Cafe Sierra (around $38 to $42 pp - depending on which day of the week and whether it's day brunch or night dinner) in the Universal Hilton @ Universal City in the SFV. Both their day time brunch and dinner buffets are good (but not up to the quality of the Four Season's on Doheny in Beverly Hills which is somewhere around $68 pp now).

      I did a little googling and discovered a website that has a lot of photos of their night time/weekend seafood buffet:

      Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City
      555 Universal Hollywood Drive, Universal City, CA

      1. Taps (Brea) has a seafood brunch on Sundays (with oysters on the 1/2 shell!) @ $35/person.

        Taps Fish House & Brewery
        101 E. Imperial Hwy., Brea, CA 92821

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          I second OCAnn's to the Ritz-Carlton Champagne Sunday brunch...Taps is my favorite. The food is superb, and the service is just as great. They top off your glass even when it doesn't need topping off. Do make sure that you have a chance to try the oysters, ceviche, the seafood bar, and the bananas Foster...with ice cream :)

        2. St. Regis Hotel, Dana $75 you could spend...

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            Don't forget four seasons. Just the caviar alone will get your $75 back.