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Feb 11, 2009 08:19 PM

Burger Bar Meat Conundrum

This weekend I will be sitting down to a burger at BURGER BAR for the first time. What's a good go-to order that will leave me satisfied? Is the Kobe (American Kobe) really worth the extra few dollars? What about sides?

Recommendations for this place specifically would be much appreciated. If you're a fan what's your favorite? If your not what at least is the best of the worst. at least?

Any other burger spots... including this one... that you'd recommend if you only had the weekend to eat one Vegas burger (including Burgar Bar) are welcome.

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  1. Burger Bar has some of the better burgers in town; not the best, but very good. I haven't tried the American Wagyu; the other two types of beef (Black Angus and Ridgefield Farm) seemed about the same. Side dishes? Sweet potato fries are very good here, as is the old fashioned vanilla milk shake. Warning: all portions are large.

    My favorite hamburger is at Bradley Ogden, but the cost is much higher.

    1. I've had both the Angus and the Ridgefield. I think it's hard to discern the difference between the two and I can never remember which I got the prior time. I like the whole wheat bun because it stands up to the juiciness of the meat without totally falling apart, but it's not overwhelmingly chewy or assertive. I tried at least two of the other bun options, sesame and ciabatta. I don't usually eat the whole bun anyway.

      As to toppings, that's really personal. I really like their jalapeno bacon, mozzarella cheese and avocado. If you like mushrooms, the portabello mushroom is good too.

      As to sides, I used to really love their onion rings but the last time we had them they tasted different and I didn't like them as well. Haven't tried them since then but we probably haven't been in several months. Although we get to Vegas relatively often there are so many great places to eat.

      I also like the burger at Mesa Grill, for a more upscale experience. It's not a "burger spot" though.

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        Is the taste of whole wheat in the whole wheat burger bun overpoweringly present? Will I be tasting a bushel of wheat?

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          Not at all, at least to me. I wouldn't like that with a burger. It just has a bit more structure than the sesame. I think they also have a couple of other choices but I can't remember what they are. FWIW my husband likes the sesame but I find with a medium rare burger that it just gets too soggy.

          I should point out that in the past I have believed that they undercook their burgers so that if you order medium rare it comes out more like rare, etc. I've tended to order a level more done than I usually would. But like I said, we haven't been in a few months. Ask your server's advice on this.

          Also we have usually successfully avoided the wait for a table by snagging seats at the bar. There's a bar in the front room and another bar in the back room and they are first come first served. Or go early, definitely well before noon.

      2. From what I know with meats, one of the reasons for getting wagyu is its tenderness and marbling. Ground meat has problems with neither.

        Recommendations... go with your gut instinct on toppings. There's no right or wrong answer. When I went there, I did one with... let me see if I can remember it... oh wait, I blogged it, let me pull it up... the Ridgefield Farms beef (for the same reason I wouldn't order a Cosmopolitan with Grey Goose, it's about to get dominated by assertive flavors) on ciabatta, with blue cheese, grilled onion, pepper bacon, and truffle sauce. It was over $15 for just the burger (mind you, $5 of that was truffle sauce, but c'mon, TRUFFLE SAUCE!), but it was hands down the best burger I've ever had. There is strong temptation to get the Rossini some time (black truffles and foie gras with Madeira sauce), but $60... maybe if I get lucky at the blackjack table.

        I think you can't really go wrong on sides. I had sweet potato fries and onion rings, and both were exemplary. The onion rings are the thick breading kind, but for once obviously not from a freezer bag.

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          Hmmm... truffle sauce. I'll need to consider it...

        2. The original comment has been removed