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Sushi Bar in Lincoln, RI

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Has anyone tried the new sushi bar (couldn't read the sign, looked like "Enn"?) in Lincoln RI on rt. 116?

I cannot find any listing for them online so they must be brand new!

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  1. Not familiar with it, but Vintage in Woonsocket does some decent sushi & sashimi. They even have a little sushi bar, manned Thurs-Sat by a chef who owned (Umi?) restaurant in NY.

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      Agreed on Vintage. Except I think the sushi chef is there Tues - Saturday. I was there this past Tuesday and he was working.

    2. i went to enn last thursday on the opening night and the sushi was amazing they have a long sushi bar 4 chefs on all in all worth a try i'll go back though it was pricey 2 people including 4 beers was 95 dollars plus tip

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        thanks! It seems a bit much for my budget... but maybe i'll check it out for a special occasion... :)

        hope they get a website soon so I can take a look at the menu...

      2. First off its great to know that place is soooo expensive. I have also been to Vintage and they aren't necessarily cheap either. There is an amazing and cheap Sushi Bar in Providence. Its on Wickenden St called Sakura, its BYOB and its a little whole in the floor where you can opt to sit on the floor, at a table or at the sushi bar. I know this sounds very sketchy but I have had sushi all over, Vintage, Showgun, Okis, Hemingway's, and Haukki. Sakura is by far the best one. We have done dinner with 3 of us buying more than 6 rolls (miso soup as well as house salad, with amazing dressing) We frequently leave with our bill being less than $50 with tip. Its super great super cheap and unusual. Its a great place for a date or even with a crowd of people and a case of beer, how can you beat that!! This place is a REAL sushi restaurant!

        1. Checked out Enn in Lincoln, RI for lunch the other day. As an appetizer, two of us split two types of unagi maki and the rolls were exceptional! Great flavor with the ingredients and very original. My main course was the salmon terryaki which comes with miso soup. They don't tell you on the menu that the meal also comes with white rice, spring roll, salad with ginger dressing, and pickled veggies. A tremendous value at only $10.95. Needles to say, after all the sushi, soup, salmon, and the rest of the goodies, I really didn't want to go back to work. The food was exceptionally fresh and clean and the service was quick and very polite. Can't wait to go back for dinner. Highly recommended.

            I was so excited to see a sushi bar in Lincoln-finally! I'm a huge fan of sushi ever since I lived in NY and was tired of having to drive to Wickenden St and try to park, etc. to get my fix. I love Enn!! From the minute I walked in I was impressed by the funky atmosphere, clean lines, and bright colors. I love the lounge area - separate enough from the others eating , but formal enough that I felt comfortable sitting there with a friend of mine ordering our whole meal at the bar. BTW - the Japoneise drink is amazing if you like grapefruit! I've only been there once, but can't wait to go back again! We had a great time! Oh and the sushi definitely delivered - try the spider roll!!

            1. Enn is worth the drive to Lincoln! Simple, clean atmosphere, wonderfuly fresh sushi with a creative twist. My friends and I seek out the best sushi in RI and always go back to the favorites. Enn was a welcomed surpise. We were a party of four enjoying saki and the signature "Enn-tini." We tried cool rolls: The lincoln, Mexican, Blue Ocean and Caterpiller and a few other staples. I have recommended this to a few people and they each had a wonderful time. Highly Recommend!