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Cupcakes in Westchester

Does anyone know of a great place to get cupcakes for a party in Westchester. Lulu's is out b/c they require minimum of 50 and I only need about 25. Where else is there? I can't travel to the city. Thanks.

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  1. Rivera Bakehouse in Ardsley.

    1. A new cupcake bakery is opening in Pleasantville tomorrow! They bill themselves as Westchester's first and only cupcake bakery.
      Flour & Sun, 19 Washington Ave.

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        Please let me know if the cupcakes are worth it. I would like to have a good review before I order them. Thanks!

        1. re: jennygirl24

          I've had a few sneak previews that have been very good. They're beautiful, too. I should add that I know the owner.

          Where are you located? Can you stop by and see/taste for yourself?

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            spa - I stopped by there yesterday and tried their chocolate mint cupcake. Absolutely delicious - and such a neat idea for a cupcake. They're very creative at Flour & Sun. :o) Hope they do well - I'm crossing my fingers for them. I'm looking forward to trying their hummingbird cupcake too. Thanks for the heads up on this great litle place!

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              I'm glad that you and the others have liked it (mostly). I hope everyone keeps going back as the kinks get worked out and the place continues to improve. After all, this is just the soft opening. I bet they address people's concerns in time for the grand opening (not sure when that is).

              My fingers are crossed, too!

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            Galloways is only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I like both theirs and Rivieras cupcakes. However, it all depends on the type of frosting you want. Riviera has that classic "childhood, mom-made, birthday cupcake" frosting. Galloways's vanilla is a whipped cream type topping and their chocolate frosting is more fudgey. In terms of the texture of the cupcake, galloways is more bouncy and lighter, and Rivieras is tender and crumby (not dry though)... It all depends on what you like! Personally I love Lulu's cupcakes and its a shame you can't get them there!

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              Anticipating a great experience, I picked up a whole bunch of cupcakes this morning from Flour and Sun Bakery for a Valentine’s Day lunch party. While the banana cupcake with cream cheese has some potential, for the most part we were very disappointed. The red velvet cupcakes were dry and while the yellow cake was somewhat more moist, the buttercream was way to sweet! If you are into Magnolia-ish cupcakes, then you will love this place, but not for me. In fact nobody finished their cupcakes =(

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                To each his own and all that--you're certainly entitled to your opinion. But your facts? They were not selling banana cupcakes yesterday. If they had been, I would have gotten one!

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                  Maybe it was the hummingbird(?) cake cupcake? I think we got something with banana or pineapple in it yesterday. My wife had it and I think she liked it. not sure.

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                    Maybe they weren't called banana cupcakes, but there definitely were bananas in them, and a little coconut. And like I said, they were the only ones we could eat out of the bunch since the bananas made them moist. Sorry for not checking my "facts" and calling them a "banana" cupcake if, indeed they were not. The other cupcakes were dry.... and like you said, all ten of us were entitled to our own opinions!

              2. Galloways in Scarsdale but there only open on weekends!

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                  I thought Galloways was open on Thursdays and Fridays too. Have they cut hours?

                  1. re: laylag

                    I do not recall them ever having hours other than Friday-Sunday.
                    Hours: 7 a.m.-6 p.m. Friday-Saturday, 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Sunday
                    And IIRC CASH ONLY.

                2. Was at Mitchells Country Deli in Yorktown this morning and they had adorable cupcakes there for valentines day. I asked the guy behind the counter if they always make cupcakes and told him about your post. They didn't have a business card but he gave me a menu. They can make you however many you would like. I even bought a few myself this morning. I'll let you know how they are!

                  1. Is the Pleasantville place going to have anything else, like coffee? Is it a cafe with tables? The cupcake menu looks amazing.

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                      Coffee, yes. But it's pretty tiny. I don't know if there'll be room to sit.

                      I just looked in the window. Today's menu features the 4 standard daily flavors (chocolate chocolate, chocolate vanilla, vanillla chocolate, vanilla vanilla) and several specials (red velvet, choc mint, orange poppyseed,...)

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                        Is Flour & Sun on the same side of the Chase Bank? I did a little drive through Washington Ave and had trouble finding it. (Also, there was someone behind me so I couldn't slow down as much as I wanted to!)

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                            Yes, they're open. I was just there! Yes, it's next to the Chase bank--there's a sign in the window but their official sign isn't up yet. Mmmm, red velvet cupcakes!

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                          We went to Flour & Son Bakery yesterday...

                          The CHOCOLATE MINT cupcakes here are fantastic. We bought a few cupcakes for Valentine's day. Its brilliant how theres a peppermint patty at the bottom of the cupcake...what a nice treat!

                          The frosting on the vanilla cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes were really sweet though, in fact coyingly sweet. The vanilla cupcake part was good but not as moist as I would like. The red velvet cupcakes was slightly on the dry side, but maybe its because they weren't fresh?

                          We will definitely be back for that mint cupcake though! Such a cute shop!

                        2. We went yesterday to try the cupcakes. They were very yummy. They were sold out of red velvet and peppermint by the time we got there. The hummingbird cupcakes were amazing!!! The chocolate were equally good. I really liked the frosting because it was light and not grainy like some cupcake frostings tend to be. In fact, we were visiting family today and decided to take another trip and bring them some cupcakes. The hummingbird was the biggest hit. My only complaint is that they are a little small for the price. It cost $16.50 for 6 cupcakes. I can bake a whole box for about $4.00. Other than that, it gets a thumbs up.

                          1. We tried Flour and Sun in Pleasantville- they are pricey at $2.75 a pop ($3 for specialty), but we got 8 to take somewhere to share. First of all, the place is adorable, very bare right now (understandable since they just opened)... hope they put in some seats in the front.

                            Anyway, the cupcakes are very cute, and in general, they were good. The cream cheese frosting was great, but the red velvet cake (as others have mentioned) was so dry I didn't want to eat the rest. The best was, hands down, the hummingbird. I liked the chocolate cakes and frosting, and found the vanilla cakes and frosting to be very similar to Magnolia (very sweet). I didn't get to try the peppermint patty, but I did try the orange poppy, which was interesting.

                            I will definitely return and I look forward to trying some of her other flavors... cookie dough, peanut butter, smores....

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                              ice cream - definitely go back and try the peppermint patty cupcake - awesome! I'm heading back for the hummingbird - then going to the gym!!! LOL!

                              1. re: Sra. Swanky

                                I need to go to the gym just reading this thread LOL ;>D

                                1. re: Sra. Swanky

                                  funny. i just got the wii fit and all i do is go out and search for sweets!

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                                    LOL!!! That's exactly it, Jon & shoekittykat! I always feel compelled to support our local places, as decadent and sinful as they may be!! I like to think our workouts balance everything out! ;o)

                                    1. re: Sra. Swanky

                                      Its a hard balance especially with all the sweets around. I just found the Rockland Bakery and they too have great sweets.

                              2. There is a place in yorktown. it is down the road from grandma's restuarant. They seemed pretty nice. Im sorry I dont know the name

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                                  if you are referring to Dream Cakes in the same shopping center as Little Sorrento's then their cupcakes are HORRIBLE....wife & I ordered 70 for a new years eve event....they wanted to charge $25 to deliver then 1 mile down the road...had fondant disks with edible images on each cupcake & fondant was inedible...hard as a rock....cupcakes themselves were ehhh

                                2. I was at the Grand Opening of the Flour & Sun Bakery location and ordered a few different cupcakes and while I really wanted to enjoy them, because I thought Westchester deserved a great cupcake bakery, my expectations fell flat.

                                  Red Velvet Cupcake - Cupcake was dry and while I was told it had a cream cheese frosting, it ddn't have to taste like I was eating a cupcake with cream cheese, that's what bagels are for. The cream cheese was missing something sweet.

                                  Peppermint Patty Cupcake - Interesting concept, but all the cupcake needed was the pepermint oil. The patty on the top was fine, but why was there a patty on the bottom that stuck to the cake paper and made it difficult to eat.

                                  Plain cupcake - Dry and the liner was not filled completely.

                                  I had went to Jean Jacques just a few minutes after this cupcake experience and noticed they were selling cupcakes as well (two different plain varieties) and will be tempted to try their cupcakes the next time I am in Pleasanvtille.

                                  I hope Flour & Sun makes it, but if I am travelling to Pleasantville for something sweet, over priced and not minding an unnecessary charge on my credit card it'll be at Jean Jacques.

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                                  1. re: WestchesterNY

                                    I picked up cupacakes at Flour and SUn bakery -- to report back, so far the vanilla icing is very sweet and the chocolate is good but their cake part of the cupcake is a kind of dry. I heard good things about the hummingbird so can't wait to try that! the cupcakes are cute and pretty though!

                                    1. re: Sammy Diaz

                                      i thought they were decent. I liked Lulu's better. The prices up here are out of control however. How much can it really cost to make a batch of small cupcakes. At least in the city the cupcakes are larger so you can kind of justify the price (a little). Oh well I guess I have to get over it.. I am in the suburbs now> :)

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                                        Agreed. The cupcakes at Lulu are way better than the ones at Flour and Sun, especially the Whopper cupcake. The hummingbired at Four and Sun was ok, but the cupcakes at Flour and Sun are decent at best. I think they are cheaper than the cupcakes at Lulu though.

                                  2. They had a half price sale yesterday for their 6 month anniversary so I went and picked up some cupcakes. They were good, but not nearly as good as a place I had found down in Newark, DE (http://www.sascupcakes.com/) that's been on Food Network (yes, I know that is not local, I am simply using it as a comparison of similar place). I doubt I would go back at full price.

                                    1. Per Liz Johnson's blog, Lulu is opening a cupcakery in Tarrytown!

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                                        Is Lulu's going to have any place to sit down?? i'm actually searching for a bakery/coffee shop where you can sit and enjoy the sweets.. I know of Jean Jacques, but was wondering about any others...

                                        1. re: swept

                                          There is Metro Desserts in Scarsdale, but they are mostly pre-bought stuff. Had the carrot cake, it was decent, but for late night fare and sit-down, not bad. Of course not as good as Lulu's but good lattes, etc. Sort of reminds me of Cafe Lalo in the city.

                                          We normally got to City Limits when we want a place to sit down.

                                            1. re: swept

                                              good for dessert/late night/after the movies is Grandma's in Yorktown. ALso Tazza in Millwood believe it or not has good cupcakes!